Naughty Scoreboard: The Player and The Good Kid Roleplay date idea illustration

Naughty Scoreboard: The Player and The Good Kid Roleplay

Duration: 2 hours
Budget: Variable, depending on costume and prop selections

Bring to life a classic high school fantasy where opposites attract and tension builds. One partner steps into the shoes of the school's top athlete, while the other embodies the quintessence of academic dedication. Play with the dynamics of status and temptation for a thrilling, flirtatious roleplay adventure.

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  • The scene is set at the ultimate venue for young love and high school drama, the local school stadium. It's after hours, and the 'good kid’ is there to collect some forgotten books, dressed in classic preppy attire—think plaid skirt or trousers, shirt, and glasses. Meanwhile, the 'player' is finishing up a solo practice session, their athletic prowess on full display in a sports jersey and shorts.
  • The 'player', confident and charming, approaches the 'good kid' with a confident swagger. Teasing banter about how different their worlds are begins to unfold. The 'player' shows off their athletic skills while playfully challenging the 'good kid' to step out of their comfort zone and try some athletic moves, turning the interaction into a light-hearted, flirtatious game.
  • As the game heats up, so does the tension. The 'player' offers a mischievous wager: if they can score a goal or make the shot, the 'good kid' has to let go of their studious demeanor for the evening. If they miss, they must do some studying under the 'good kid's' strict supervision. Either outcome sets the stage for a close and personal encounter where roles may reverse, and the good kid might just teach the player a lesson or two.

Preparation steps:

  • Prepare by setting the mood in your chosen location to resemble a high school stadium or field. You can use props like books, a soccer ball, or a basketball to set the scene. Make sure to have an area to act as the 'bleachers' where some of the roleplay can unfold.
  • Each partner should prepare their look with costumes. The 'good kid' should opt for conservative, preppy clothing like a plaid skirt or trousers, button-up shirt, glasses, and maybe some books for the complete look. The 'player' should wear athletic apparel, a jersey of their favorite sport, shorts, and perhaps some sports equipment to complete their persona.
  • Lastly, set the ground rules for engagement. While it's all in good fun, it's important both partners are on the same page with their boundaries and safe words. Decide on how far each partner is willing to go within their roleplay character and what the ultimate goal or endgame is for your playful scenario.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Enhance the experience by adding a personal twist to your characters. Maybe the 'good kid' has a secret crush on the 'player', or the 'player' is intrigued by someone so different from themselves.
  • Keep the interaction authentic and progressive. Start with witty and teasing banter before moving onto more risqué flirtation and challenges. This gradual build-up will make the experience more intense and enjoyable.
  • Remember that the point of this roleplay is to have fun and explore new dynamics in your relationship. Stay in character, but don't be afraid to laugh and enjoy the moment. It's okay to break character if it adds to the enjoyment of the scenario.

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