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Naughty Private Lessons

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: Free

Join Emily in an exciting and intimate sexual role play that turns a simple Teacher and Student scenario into a night of passion and romance. Set in New York during the mild autumn weather of October, enjoy the sensual company of each other within the comfortable confines of your home.

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  • Emily will play the role of a studious student who needs some after-school tutoring, and her partner will be the strict and seductive teacher willing to provide some private, extracurricular instruction. Start with a bit of casual flirtation, gradually escalating the tension until it becomes impossible to ignore. The final 'lesson' will fully satisfy Emily's desire to be filled up, culminating in a climactic moment of intimacy. This scenario is sure to fulfill both the need for control as well as the desire for submission.
  • Though this activity is not dependent on a pricey venue or expensive apparel, attention must be paid to the details. Set the mood with some low lighting, lite candles or incense, and have soft music playing in the background. Arrange your living room or bedroom to mimic a classroom setting and embrace the fantasy. Keep the atmosphere playful and sensual, enhancing anticipation and making Emily's every wish a command.
  • While indulging in this tantalizing scenario, never forget the importance of safety and respect. Maintain open communication, ensuring that both partners are comfortable and on board with each progressing stage. The goal is to create a safe environment that fosters a balance of fantasy and reality.

Preparation steps:

  • For Emily to truly feel like a student, she should dress accordingly. A sexy adult 'Schoolgirl' outfit would be perfect for this scenario. Her teacher should also look the part, in a slightly formal, perhaps a little old-fashioned outfit. To add an element of sensuality and tease, the teacher could use a symbol of authority such as a ruler or pointer.
  • Preparation also involves preparing the space. Try to emulate the feel of a small, private classroom using whatever furnishings are at your disposal. Make sure your environment is clean, tidy, and comfortable to make Emily feel relaxed and attractive. If possible, try to secure some stationary and textbook-like items to reinforce the scenario.
  • To preserve the role-play element during intercourse, try using positions that fit the theme. The teacher could 'help' the student with her 'homework' in various 'challenging' positions. Everything from foreplay to fruition should toe the line of this playful, student-teacher theme.

Some tips:

  • Start with mild flirting and gradually work your way up towards more intense interaction. This builds tension and anticipation, both of which are conducive to an enjoyable sexual encounter. Keep constant communication, especially when boundary-pushing dynamics are at play. This ensures every act is enjoyed and comfortably consented by Emily.
  • Focus on cultivating a palpable teacher-student vibe. This could include doing 'classroom' activities, roleplaying 'difficult lessons', or 'scoldings' for 'misbehaving'. All these role-play activities should, of course, always remain playful and morph into more sexual actions only when both parties are ready and willing.
  • Don’t hurry towards the end goal. Make sure to take care of Emily's needs and pay attention to her responses. And above all, remember - this is about enjoying the journey, not just racing to the destination.

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