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Naughty Nurse Check-up

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: $0

Partner A plays the role of a patient who has scheduled a house visit for a routine check-up. Partner B is a professional nurse who comes equipped with a few surprise instruments to make the session more exciting.

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  • You're at home, feeling a little under the weather. Suddenly, a knock comes at the door. It's your nurse, here to perform your check-up. \n\nExcept this check-up is anything but routine. The nurse seems to have a different set of tools, each one making your heart race a little faster. The stethoscope is surprisingly chilly against your skin, but it's her flirtatious smile that really gets your heart pounding.\n\nThe night unfolds slowly, each 'procedure' designed to bring you both closer together. This is one doctor's appointment you won't forget in a hurry.

Preparation steps:

  • To prepare, you'll want to clean your home and set up an 'examination' area in the comfort of your bedroom. Place a comfortable chair, cover it with a neat bedsheet, and put a small table beside it to place your instruments.\n\nGet into your characters by arranging a time for your partner to 'visit' you. Make sure the scene is appropriately set for when she arrives.\n\nRefer to our product list below to ensure you have all the necessary props you'll need for this roleplay.

You may need

Some tips:

  • The excitement of roleplays often comes from immersing yourself in your character. As the patient, play up your symptoms and engage in flirtatious banter with your 'nurse'. As the nurse, remember to also engage in a bit of fun, advising your 'patient' they need a complete check-up will add to the storyline.\n\nRemember to keep communication open. Both participants should discuss their comfort levels before starting the roleplay and agree on a safe word to pause or stop the action if needed.\n\nTry to keep a steady pace throughout the roleplay. Start with the light teasing and progress towards more intimate gestures as the night rolls on.

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