Naughty Chicago Blues Night date idea illustration

Naughty Chicago Blues Night

Duration: 4 hours
Budget: $50

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of Chicago blues as you and your partner put on a night of entertainment suitable for your budget and any weather conditions.

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  • Begin by transforming your living room into a dimly lit Chicago blues club. Dim the lights, replace them with blue or red bulbs, or string up some LED strip lights. Set up a bluetooth speaker and curate your own selection of seductive Chicago blues tunes.
  • Start the night with a homemade dinner. Keep the theme in mind and make something typically Chicago--like a deep-dish pizza or Chicago-style hotdogs. Don't forget to prepare some cocktails to imbibe, perfect for this bluesy mood, like rich bourbon or rye whiskey cocktails.
  • When dinner is over, change into sexy versions of typical blues club outfits, like a sexy adult black dress for her and classy shirt and pants for him. Then, hit your home-made 'dance floor', dance to the rhythm of the blues and end up in an intimate embrace, carrying your passion into the bedroom.

Preparation steps:

  • First, prepare your space. Replace your normal light bulbs with colored ones or use LED strip lights. You want to create a sultry, bluesy atmosphere. Set up a Bluetooth speaker for your curated blues playlist. Make sure it's loud enough to help immerse you in the experience but not too distracting.
  • Next, plan and cook your dinner. Get enough supplies for making deep-dish pizza or Chicago-style hotdogs. Don't forget to buy the ingredients for your cocktails as well.
  • Finally, pick your outfits. You want to look the part, so start searching the Internet for ideas on what typical blues club goers would wear. Opt for something that's revealing enough to keep things interesting but comfortable enough to dance in.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Limit your cell phone usage for the evening. This is about immersing yourself in the experience, so try to stay off social media and avoid texting.
  • When it comes to dancing, don't worry if you're not a professional. The blues is about feeling the rhythm, so just move in a way that feels natural. There's no wrong way to dance the blues.
  • Keep things comfortable and respectful. While this is a passionate activity, it's not an excuse to overstep boundaries, ensure that both of you are comfortable with the level of intimacy.

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