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Mythology Tutor

Duration: 2-3 hours
Budget: $0

Join your partner in a sexy roleplay scenario revolving around a mythology tutor and a rambunctious student. Set in the fall with cooler temperatures outside, it's the perfect time to stay inside, reform school rules and dive into the depths of myth and fantasy. Disobedience is expected and the 'punishment' is nothing you won't enjoy.

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  • One partner assumes the role of a mythology tutor, while the other plays a rather naughty, disobedient student. Our tutor is here to instruct the student about Greek mythology, the world of Percy Jackson, a beloved series by one of our partners. The scenario for this role-play leverages a bit of the 'bad student' - 'strict tutor' dynamic, but with an interesting spin. The misbehaving student may just find that not obeying rules isn't such a bad thing in this class.
  • Our tutor should speak in a commanding, but caring voice, releasing a torrent of trivia, anagrams, and puzzles around Percy Jackson and Greek mythology. Despite the student's refusal to follow rules, the tutor should remain patient. Not doing homework, asking silly questions, or not paying attention could earn the disobedient student some inventive and mutually enjoyable 'punishments'.
  • All lessons should be conducted in hushed tones, keeping the setting intimate and warm. One 'step out of line' could result in a sultry punishment. You might want to have some Greek myths or a Percy Jackson book on hand to add to the setting and to give the tutor some 'lesson material' to work with.

Preparation steps:

  • Before starting the role play, discuss with your partner about boundaries and establish a safe word. Due to the disobedience, the tutor might want to impose 'punishments'. Make sure it's something that you'll both enjoy and is within your comfort zone.
  • Get into the spirit of your roles by wearing something relevant to them. The tutor can wear a pair of glasses and carry a book while the student can mess around with a school tie and a handful of stationery. Lastly, print out or prepare a digital copy of a Percy Jackson book or Greek myths for the tutor to 'teach' from.
  • Set up a perfect classroom scenario at home. Arrange a chair and desk (it could be your dining table) to set the stage. Choose a quiet setting in your home like the living room or home library if you have one.

You may need

Some tips:

  • To make the scenario more exciting, the tutor could catch the student reading a Percy Jackson book under the desk during 'studying' hours. This could spark a new exciting 'lesson' integrating quotes and themes from the Percy Jackson series, or general Greek mythology.
  • Make sure the atmosphere stays light, fun, and consensual. The emphasis should be on mutual pleasure and respect for each other's boundaries. The 'punishments' must be enjoyable actions and should never cross into actual harm or discomfort. Code words work best here.
  • Don't rush the role play. Allow each stage to naturally progress. Even if things get heated, maintain the characters to keep the spirit of the role play till the end.

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