Mythical Night at Secret Speakeasy date idea illustration

Mythical Night at Secret Speakeasy

Duration: 5 hours
Budget: High

Imagine you and your partner escaping into the world of ancient mythical creatures, delving into a story of love and passion. Amidst New York's bustling streets lies a hidden speakeasy, a world trapped in time and filled with the magic of folklore and mythology. This setting transports you and your partner into an era filled with mystery, romance, and allure.

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  • Step into character and start the evening with an intimate candlelit dinner in your private residence. Soak in the atmosphere as you engage in flirtatious banter, exchanging playful teasing remarks about each other's extravagant attire. As mythical creatures, you possess the power of seduction which you use to entice and captivate each other throughout the evening. After dinner, head to the secret speakeasy, where the night's adventure will commence.
  • Upon arrival, indulge in signature cocktails as the atmospheric music fills the air. Continue to engage in your roles, letting the mythology take control and guide your experiences. Dance with abandon, let your partner take control, tease him with provocative moves and sensual touch. Remember, as mythical creatures, every touch is electrifying. Let your imagination take you on an ancient time journey with your partner.
  • Retreat to a secluded corner of the speakeasy as the night wears on. Continue your flirtation, let your partner lean in to whisper sweet nothings into your ears. As the night descends, let the secret speakeasy's allure guide your actions. Remember, this night is yours, let your inner mythical creature take control.

Preparation steps:

  • Prepare for this enchanting evening by ensuring you have the right attire. For this roleplay scenario, costumes are essential. Men can opt for attire resembling mythical creatures such as Greek gods, whereas women might consider dressing akin to mythical creatures like mermaids. Play around with accessories to enhance your look.
  • Before setting out, create a playlist of vintage music that you can play during your candlelit dinner. This will help set the mood and transport you to your mythical world. Make sure to prepare a tantalizing dinner for both of you. The objective is to set a romantic ambiance which paves the way for an impressive night.
  • Last but not the least, research and confirm the location of a secret Speakeasy in New York. Due to the secretive nature of these establishments, they can often require a reservation or password for entry. So be prepared.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Flirtation is key in this roleplay scenario. Remember to maintain your character throughout and interact with your partner as mythical characters would.
  • Dancing is another way you can engage with your partner. Make sure to dance with your partner, engage in slow dances and let the rhythm guide you.
  • Take it slow and gradual. Delve into the romance and passion of your characters and let it guide your actions. The goal is to build an unforgettable experience, not to rush through it.

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