Mystery Walk in South Point date idea illustration

Mystery Walk in South Point

Duration: 2-3 hours
Budget: $20-$30

Join hands as you begin your story at the local park, delve into the hidden corners of South Point neighbourhood, and explore the gems and surprises that this area holds in store for you. A fantastic chance to discover a new place while creating beautiful memories together.

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  • Get ready for an afternoon filled with surprises and discoveries. The date begins in a local park of your choice in the South Point area. From there, it’s all about taking random turns, roads untraveled, and discovering new places together. On this Mystery Walk, not only do you unravel the lesser-known paths of South Point, but you also get a new perspective on Winnipeg.
  • Walking around, you will stumble upon many hidden gems - local cafes, public art, or just picturesque lanes. Don’t be too calculated, let your instincts guide you through the area. End your walk with a delightful ice cream at a local vendor, perfectly completing your memorable afternoon.
  • Remember, the walk is not the final destination but the journey and the shared experiences that you incur. Turn this date into an adventurous yet romantic journey by exploring and indulging in the surprises that this neighbourhood has to offer

Preparation steps:

  • No elaborate preparations are required for this date. Dress comfortably as the date would involve a lot of walking. Ensure you have a working GPS on your phones, just in case you want to navigate back. If you wish, you can look up South Point area on Google Earth to get a bird's eye view of the neighbourhood.
  • It would be a good idea to carry some water and snacks for the way. An umbrella or sun hat might come in handy, depending on the day's weather. Also, bring a small backpack to carry all essentials.
  • Even though this date's budget is low, it would be ideal to have some change handy if you want to grab a quick bite from a local cafe or vendor

Some tips:

  • Take the backroads and not the main roads; they have much more to discover and less traffic. Always respect local businesses and the neighbourhood as a whole. Don’t trespass on anyone’s property. Make sure to greet the locals, sharing a smile or a friendly hello.
  • Enjoy the moment and don't be in a hurry, allow yourself to immerse in the experience. Finding places is not the goal but discovering each other. Share stories, personal anecdotes and create beautiful memories along the way.
  • End the date on a sweet note, be it consuming a delicacy from a local vendor or a moment to express your feelings towards each other. This not only leaves a good taste in the mouth but also a memorable end to a beautiful journey

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