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Mystery Treasure Hunt

Duration: Full day
Budget: $50 - $250

Immerse in the beauty of Saint Petersburg as you take your loved one on a surprise mystery treasure hunt. Trace the footsteps of the city's history while discovering hidden clues together. You'll find the thrill of the hunt and the joy of spending the day together as a couple an adventure of its own. Best of all? The final treasure is a romantic dinner just for two. This date idea is sure to rekindle the sparks and perhaps uncover some shared hidden talents!

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  • After waking up, tell your partner you've got a surprise planned. Head for the first location on your treasure hunt. There, left in a specially arranged first clue, which will definitely spark interest. The hunt is intentionally spread throughout various iconic spots of Saint Petersburg, offering a sneak peak at the cultural hotspot comes with each task you fulfil together. Finally, after you find all the clues, treat yourselves to a surprise romantic dinner at an upscale Saint Petersburg restaurant to celebrate your successful expedition. This day-long adventurous hunt intermingled with sparks of romance is sure to be a great bonding spree for you both. Turn this into an intermittent trip from dawn to dusk, savouring each task, each place and each moment to its fullest.

Preparation steps:

  • One person will need to prepare this date. Start by selecting the landmarks in Saint Petersburg you want to visit, consider historically significant spots or even just places special to the both of you. After you’ve got your locations, start to create your clues. The key here is to make it challenging but solvable, so think about inside jokes or shared memories to create these. Next, head out a day before to hide your clues in these locations and arrange with the restaurant for a surprise dinner. Lastly, don't forget to check the weather for your grand day, and adjust your plans accordingly. It's a long day, pack necessities like water, snacks and maybe even some spare clothes. You can also prepare a little reward for each clue found, just to keep the spirits high.

Some tips:

  • Safety is crucial. Ensure the areas chosen are safe, especially if you'll be there after dark. Coordinate with the authorities if needed. Remember, the goal isn’t just for the treasure at the end, it’s about the journey and the memories you’re creating along the way. Encourage your partner, make them laugh when they are getting frustrated. Keep the atmosphere light and fun. Remember to bring along a camera or your phone to capture the day so you can look back on your special treasure hunt date. And lastly, be prepared to change the plan if something goes wrong. It's a big city, and unexpected things can happen, so stay flexible.

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