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Mystery Scavenger Hunt

Duration: 5-7 hours
Budget: $20 - $30

Set up a scavenger hunt around the city with clues leading to spots that have some significance or places that are just fun to visit. The last clue should lead to a surprise picnic.

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  • Start the day with a breakfast at home, where your partner will find the first clue. Each clue, either a riddle or direction, leads to another, building excitement and anticipation as you embark on this adventure across the city.
  • The clues will take you both to various locations around Nizhny Novgorod, each sharing a story or creating new memories. This may include the historic Kremlin, beautiful parks, or quaint cafes.
  • The hunt leads to the final clue that reveals the surprise picnic spot. This could be a popular spot like Switzerland Park or a personal favorite location. Enjoy a simple picnic of sandwiches, fruits, and a bottle of sparkling water.

Preparation steps:

  • You will need to plan the clues for the scavenger hunt. Each one should lead to a specific location in the city. If possible, try to choose locations that are significant to your relationship.
  • Prepare a picnic basket with sandwiches, fruits, and drinks. If you have a favorite spot for the final location, arrange for the picnic setup ahead of time, maybe by seeking help from a friend.
  • Make sure your partner is free for the day. Also, check the weather forecast to avoid any unforeseen changes in plans.

Some tips:

  • Ensure to make the clues challenging but not too hard to figure out to keep the hunt moving and exciting.
  • If you are planning the date on a weekday, avoid places that could potentially be crowded. Choose locations that are free or inexpensive to keep the budget low.
  • Don't forget to pack a camera to capture the fun and surprise of the day. It's all about creating memories that you'll cherish forever.

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    Hannah L.

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