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Mystery of the Ottoman Palace

Duration: 5 hours
Budget: $0

Experience a fantastic night of intrigue and passion in the heart of Istanbul without spending a dime. In this scenario, you and your partner will transform into ancient palace dwellers unraveling secrets of the Ottoman Empire.

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  • Take the enchanting journey back in time where Koray is an Ottoman Sultan who has just ascended the throne in the magnificent Topkapi Palace, and you are a mysterious inhabitant of the Palace. Coordinate with Koray to reveal some hidden Palace secrets but play it careful as you cannot let others suspect your intentions. Spend some time discussing palace matters, make some plans for the empire and secretly flirt. To add more spice, you are not supposed to reveal your feelings for each other during the day, but at night, you can sneak into each other’s quarters and express your desires.
  • Keep your eyes open for secret passages or hidden treasures, and be wary of the other members of the court - you never know who might be spying on you. As with any Sultan, there will be harem intrigues to navigate. Try to outwit the other potential suitors of the Sultan. Your discussions should be peppered with historic references, flirtatious bantering, and a hint of danger.
  • Towards the end of the roleplay, decide on whether to confess your love to each other or keep it as a secret love story. Will you be successful in your secret romance or will it be discovered by others in the palace? The suspense, intrigue, and romantic tension will keep you both on your toes the entire evening.

Preparation steps:

  • Start by setting the scene inside your house with Ottoman-inspired decorations. Use fabrics with vibrant colours and exotic patterns, and create a makeshift 'throne' for the Sultan. Light tantalizing incense to set the mood. Make sure to stock some Turkish Delight and hot tea to enjoy during your evening.
  • Next, research the history of the Ottoman Empire to get a clear idea of clothing trends during that period. As your budget is limited, look for images of traditional attire and replicate those with clothes available at home. Add a heap of imagination, and your costumes will be ready.
  • For the atmosphere, you might want to play traditional Turkish music. Find a few key phrases in Turkish, like 'My Sultan', 'As you wish', etc., which will heighten the intensity and authenticity of the scenario.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Remember that this roleplay scenario isn’t about you against your partner but creating an exciting and stimulating atmosphere of intrigue and romance together.
  • Though it's important to study some aspects of the Ottoman Empire and its courtship traditions, take creative liberties wherever you feel confident. After all, it's about having fun, not a history exam.
  • Lastly, remember that romance is the main scenario in the game, not the secret palace politics. It is okay to get lost in the character, but don’t forget why you're here: to explore your relationship and spend a quality, engaging, fun time together.

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