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Mysterious Encounter

Duration: The entire day
Budget: Varies

Rekindle the thrill of meeting your partner for the first time with a 'Mysterious Encounter' scenario. Delve into a captivating story of magnetism and curiosity as you pretend to be strangers meeting each other in a new environment.

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  • Imagine you and your partner are in a ski lodge in November. There's the perfect mix of chill in the air and a cozy warmth inside. You are both 'strangers' on a solo trip. You bump into each other in the crowded lodge, a spark of attraction ignites and you decide to explore this newfound connection. Play out your parts complete with made-up backstories. To make it more realistic, you can spend time separately at first before finally meeting and interacting.
  • As the evening rolls in, mysteriously meet at the lodge's lounge. Play your part, let the atmosphere fill with tension as you exchange glances, keeping the conversation light and flirtatious, but, loaded with curiosity. Spend the evening exploring the ski resort, sharing drinks at the bar, and breaking the ice. As 'strangers', work on the thrill of the chase, the art of seduction, and the magnetism culminating into an exciting night that only the two strangers share.
  • At the end of the evening, invite your 'stranger' back to 'your place', turn up the heat, let the chemistry sizzle and create your own intimate ending to an adventurous day. The expectation and the mystery of a stranger evolve into a passionate exchange only the two of you share.

Preparation steps:

  • To fully indulge in this scenario, you need to first bear in mind that you need to forget who your partner really is. You two are strangers now, with entirely different backstories. Spend time apart and get into your element. Plan your approach and remember to stick to your story.
  • Be confident, and let the character take over. Rehearse your backstory in your mind and really immerse yourself in this roleplay. You are here on a solo journey, meeting a fascinating stranger. This isn't your partner, it's a stranger you can't take your eyes off.
  • On the day of roleplay, dress like you normally would on a vacation. Remember to take into account the ski resort setting in your costume. Warm, comfortable clothing that also makes you feel attractive would be perfect to go with the storyline.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Keep in character throughout the whole day for a more thrilling experience. Remember, you aren't 'you', you are portraying a character.
  • Go with the flow of the story. The objective is to not plan the entire course of events. Instead, let things happen naturally and respond in the moment. The surprise and unexpected actions by the other can truly enhance the experience.
  • At times it may feel funny or awkward, but do not break out laughing or make your partner feel awkward. Always ensure your partner is comfortable with the progression and respect boundaries. Communicate well and take care of each other's consent.

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