Moscow Geocache Hunt

Duration: Open-ended
Budget: $0

Take your love to the streets of Moscow as you join the worldwide game of geocaching. There are hundreds of caches hidden around the city waiting to be discovered. This is a perfect opportunity to rediscover Moscow and explore some hidden secrets that you might have never noticed before. The date is open-ended, allowing you to spend as much time as you wish. This adventure takes you to various landmarks, parks, and hidden gems, providing plenty of opportunities for romantic moments.

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  • You and your partner download a geocaching app and set up your account. You start with easy-to-find geocaches and slowly move up to more challenging ones. As you discover caches, you leave your mark to show you were there and read others' comments about their finds. The thrill of the game, the anticipation of finding a new cache, and the surprises kept within them create a fun and exciting day. Altogether, the challenging activity allows you to build a bond as you work together and create memories.
  • Looking around parks, under ancient bridges, and at the base of historic statues, you discover parts of the city you've never seen before. There could be a cache hidden within a crack in the Kremlin wall or under a bench in Gorky Park. These are all opportunities to learn about the history of the city, have fun, and engage in light-hearted competition.
  • Throughout the journey, you capture photos, discover new favourite spots, and perhaps decide to grab a bite at an interesting cafΓ© you crossed by. The date concludes upon finding the final cache of the day, leaving a romantic message in the logbook for other adventurers to happen upon later.

Preparation steps:

  • To prepare for the geocache hunt, firstly download a geocaching app on your smartphones. Choose an app that offers caches in Moscow and doesn’t have too much ads. After setting up an account, study the map and plan your route ahead of time. Although discovering caches spontaneously seems fun, having a planned route helps you cover more ground.
  • Ensure that your phones are fully charged, as you will be using your phone's GPS function extensively. Also, pack a bag with essentials like snacks, water, sunscreen, raincoats (in case of weather changes), pens or markers for writing messages in logbooks, and perhaps the most important of all, a portable charger.
  • Do some research about the caches in your decided route. Learning about the history or significance of the cache locations will enhance your experience. Some caches might even require you to solve a riddle or puzzle based on information about the location. Make sure to dress comfortably as you might walk quite a bit this day.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Always respect the muggle(geocaching term for people who do not geocache) space and maintain stealth while finding a cache. As it is a worldwide game, let's keep it fun and exciting for everyone.
  • The weather can be highly unpredictable, so it's always good to check the weather forecast before you head out.
  • Geocaching is a game that respects all laws and regulations. It is important not to trespass on private property while on your quest. Besides, the game should not harm the environment. Therefore, remember the motto of geocaching - 'Cache In, Trash Out'. If you see litter while you're out geocaching, do your part to help out and pick it up.

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