Moonlight Beach Walk in Alicante date idea illustration

Moonlight Beach Walk in Alicante

Duration: 2-3 hours
Budget: Under ā‚¬20

Get immersed in romance with an evening stroll on the sands of Alicante's beautiful beaches. Lined up with a sight of twinkling stars and the gentle sound of waves, it could be an unforgettable way to spend a lovely evening. This date idea is perfect for those looking to make the most of Alicante's beauty without breaking the bank. Make memories as you stroll down the beach hand in hand with your partner, talking about love, life, and dreams.

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  • As the sun starts to set and the sky gets painted with hues of orange and red, you surprise your partner with the idea of a serene beach walk. You head towards Alicante's gorgeous beach, where the calming sound of the waves and the faint presence of other people around, gives a sense of solitude and companionship.
  • As the walk begins, conversations flow naturally. The soothing ambiance of the beach at night helps both of you to share your thoughts, feelings and aspirations without any reserve. It's in these moments that you both connect deeply, understanding each other's viewpoints and dreams while also building great memories together.
  • The moon shines brightly, guiding your way along the sandy coastline creating a magical atmosphere. Sharing laughter and tales, you both realize the time just passing by. As the evening proceeds, you find a comfortable spot, sit close to each other and enjoy the silent company of your beloved under the starry Alicante sky.

Preparation steps:

  • Since this is a surprise, the most important thing is to keep your plan under wraps. Check the local weather to ensure a clear evening for a comfortable beach walk. It would spoil the surprise if it starts to rain or if it's too windy.
  • You would want to dress in comfortable walking shoes and attire, keeping in mind the beach environment and the cool nature of evenings. Let your partner know to dress comfortably too, without giving away the surprise.
  • While not mandatory, bringing a light blanket could be useful if you'd like to sit and stargaze. Also, you could prepare a small playlist of your partner's favorite songs to play quietly in the background. But remember, the main attraction of this date is the beautiful atmosphere and the uninterrupted time you both will share, so don't worry too much about the specifics.

Some tips:

  • Walking on the beach can be fairly exerting, so make sure both of you are well-hydrated. Pack some water and light snacks to keep the energy levels up.
  • Do some research about the tidal movements on the beach you're planning to visit. You don't want your romantic walk to be interrupted by a high tide.
  • Lastly, make sure to respect the environment. Beaches are a part of our natural heritage and it's everyone's responsibility to keep it clean and preserved. So, carry a small trash bag to ensure you leave nothing behind but footsteps.

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