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Mom's Board Game Night

Duration: 2-3 hours
Budget: $0

Create an exciting, fun-filled board game night atmosphere embedded with the essence of sensuality and intimacy. Perfectly suitable for couples with one partner that might not yet be on the adventurous side and wants to experience a taste of fun along with the intimacy.

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  • In this roleplay scenario, you'll be stepping into the roles of 'Mom' and 'Son' while your boring old board game night is about to get an upgrade. As the 'Mom', you've decided that your 'Son's' game nights need an adult twist. You suggest a different type of game - one that leads to teasing, flirting, and sensual rewards.
  • Have a range of sensual punishments and rewards on hand for each round, this could be something as simple as a kiss, a gentle tickle, or perhaps something a bit more risquΓ©. Use your judgment and preference while also considering the comfort level of your partner. As the game progresses, so should the intensity of the rewards.
  • End the scenario when both of you are comfortable, or better yet, when the game ends. The key is to immerse yourself in the role and enjoy the anticipation and surprises that the board game brings.

Preparation steps:

  • Prepare for this roleplay by deciding on a board game to play. Pick a game that you both enjoy, and has plenty of chances for players to lose - the more chances, the better. Instead of the normal penalties, choose sensual penalties like kisses, cuddles, or sensual massages.
  • Find a comfortable playing area at home, the living room floor with blankets and pillows can provide the perfect atmosphere. Put on a comfortable but tempting attire. Dim the lights and put on some soft background music to make it more intimate.
  • As for the 'Son,' practice being playful and slightly rebellious. For the 'Mom,' practice being assertive and in control, yet loving.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Keep in mind that this scenario is meant to be intimate and sensual, not just sexual. The real fun is in the anticipation that comes with each play of the game.
  • The goal isn't necessarily winning the game, but rather enjoying the sensual penalties and rewards. You both win when you're enjoying each other's company, teasing, laughing, and bonding in ways you never have before.
  • Always remember consent is key. Make sure you both are comfortable with the suggested penalties and rewards. We are trying to keep things pleasurable and not cross any boundaries.

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