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Memphis Masseuse Mystery

Duration: 3-4 hours
Budget: $0

In this sexual roleplay scenario, experience the sensual delight of a massage parlour set right inside your home. Evy, the seductive busty masseuse, is on a mission to help her tired client relax and unwind after a lengthy day. As the session progresses, the mutual tension and attraction become irresistible.

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  • Welcome to Memphis Massage Parlor, a place where stress evaporates under skilled hands. Your home transforms into this exclusive parlour, where Evy is the highly sought-after masseuse and you are her favourite client, gradually relaxing under her tender touch.
  • Evy is dressed in a sexy adult masseuse's outfit highlighting her curves and adding to the authenticity of the roleplay. The whole home is filled with soft, ambient music and the scent of soothing massage oils. The scenario begins with you lying on the adjustable massage table in the middle of the room. East turns to West as Evy employs a mixture of Swedish, hot stone, and sensual massages, ensuring every muscle in your body is paid the attention it craves.
  • The relaxing massage begins turning steamy, the mutual attraction palpable. As the tension increases, the massage takes a turn from the professional to the tantalising. You both give in to the mounting passion, culminating the session in deep intimacy. With shared smiles and laughs, this session where you acted as masseuse and client helps strengthen your bond.

Preparation steps:

  • Prepare yourself for this sizzling session by setting the scene. Choose a room in your home that's quiet, comfortable and where you both can be uninterrupted. Place a soft, comfortable mat or makeshift massage table in the center. Invest in some aromatic massage oils and scented candles to create the right ambience. Dim the lights to mimic a massage parlour and play some soft and relaxing music.
  • For the outfits, Evy can take her pick from a sexy adult masseuse dress, a plunge bra with high waist brief, any sexy lingerie or even a satin robe. The client can opt for a comfortable lounging robe. The purpose of the outfits is to facilitate the right mindset for the scenario.
  • To add more authenticity, you can even create a menu card for different types of massages offered at your makeshift parlour. Remember, the goal is to enjoy each other's company while exploring new aspects of your relationship.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Remember, laughter is okay! If something feels awkward or funny, just share a laugh about it. Roleplaying is meant to be fun and enjoyable. It's not just about creating a steamy session but also about bonding over shared interests and interactions.
  • Communication is crucial. Ensure both parties are comfortable and consenting to the actions in the scenario. It's important to respect your partner's boundaries and stop if anything feels uncomfortable.
  • Finally, immerse yourself fully in your roles. The more you give in to the scenario, the more fun and sensual it gets. Let go of any inhibitions and enjoy the session. After all, what happens in Memphis Massage Parlor, stays in Memphis Massage Parlor!

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