Medieval Fantasy: Dragonborn Warrior and The Vampire Queen date idea illustration

Medieval Fantasy: Dragonborn Warrior and The Vampire Queen

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: $0 - Using household items for ambiance or homemade costumes

Live out your fantasy as a legendary dragonborn warrior returning to the comfort of your abode after a triumphant journey. There awaits your beloved, a vampire queen with enchanting beauty, ready to immerse herself in tender moments of privacy.

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  • After a long day battling dragons and leading the town of Riften, Dragonborn warrior returns to his home, where Serana, his trusted vampire companion, awaits his arrival. Hidden from prying eyes beneath her royal crimson dress, she takes on a role of submissive seductress, longing for her dragonborn savior. As the night grows deeper, the lines between fierce warrior and gentle lover, vampire queen and tender companion blur, giving way to a passionate exchange that only they, the legendary Dragonborn warrior and Vampire Queen, can experience.
  • Within the stone walls and under the candlelit chandelier, the atmosphere thickens. The roaring fireplace sets the stage for a passionate encounter as the burning desire between the two builds. As the night descends over Riften, the temperature rises in their private chamber while the world outside falls into a quiet slumber, oblivious of the intense passion that unfolds within.
  • Immersed in their roles, the couple end the night with a satisfying crescendo of pleasure. The dragonborn warrior and his vampire queen retreat into each other's arms, sharing gentle whispers and soft kisses, as they appreciate the love that transcends the boundaries of time and species.

Preparation steps:

  • First, set the scene in a room where you can control the lighting. Light some candles or use a dimmed lamp as your only source of light, imitating a medieval setting. Next, set up an imaginary stone-walled room or 'castle' with a latex bed sheet or rug in front of a roaring fire (an electronic one, for safety).
  • Next, arrange your medieval costumes: a dragonborn armor for the male and a sexy adult vampire queen costume for the female, complete with fake vampire teeth and red hair wig. Add a touch of warrior fantasy to the mix with a lightweight, safe replica sword.
  • Finally, get into character and allow the fantasy to unfold. Practice some playful lines, and let your natural chemistry do the rest. Time and again, step out of your roles to check in with each other to ensure you're both enjoying and comfortable with the scenario.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Before you start, establish boundaries and use a safe word. It ensures that you both are on the same page about activities you're both comfortable doing.
  • Role-playing is all about creativity and improvisation. Don't worry if your lines aren't perfect; the key is to have fun with it.
  • Remember to respect your partner and always prioritize their comfort. If at any point your partner wishes to stop, be sure to acknowledge that immediately.
  • Lastly, getting into character may help with the immersion, try giving yourself a backstory which fits within the theme. It helps to keep the ambiance alive and rewarding.

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