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Master's Doll

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: any

In this roleplay scenario, designed for a shy and tender partner, you step into ancient Japan to engage in an intimate, deceptive, and seductive game of power. Set in a traditional Japanese teahouse, the tea master and the doll explore a world of sensual tension and mutual admiration. Show your partner the elegance of tradition, the subtlety of gestures, and the beauty of anticipation in this tantalizing journey of exploration.

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  • The evening starts with the both of you dressing in traditional yukatas. Hearty scents of traditional Japanese incense gently surround you both setting the perfect atmosphere. You play the role of the tea master, and your partner becomes your precious doll, brought to life by your warm touch. You perform the tea ceremony, with each step filled with a discreet tension as you complete the elaborate rituals, teasing your doll with the subtlest of touch.
  • Following the tea ceremony, let him lay on the tatami mats, relaxing in the calming atmosphere as you gently tie his hands with a silk obi sash. Provide him with sensual massage, kneading his muscles and releasing his tension as he surrenders to your mastery. The culmination happens with your gentle passionate hugs, igniting a startling fire within his innocent demeanor.
  • As a finale, you untie his sash, and drawing him close, whisper sweet, enchanting words into his ear, retracing your movements over him with your fingers. He's yours entirely. The tender blur of your encounter has let him accept this fondly, making the roleplay a successful, thrilling and unforgettable experience.

Preparation steps:

  • Choose a quiet room in your house that can mimic a traditional Japanese teahouse, make sure it's warm enough considering the November's weather. Purchase traditional Japanese yukatas for both of you, preferably in contrasting colors. Also, get a silk Obi sash that would be used during the sensual massage. Do a research on traditional Japanese tea ceremony and practice it. Buy some traditional Japanese incense with a calming scent. Don't forget to create a soothing ambiance with dimmed lights and traditional Japanese music playing softly in the background. It sets the mood perfectly!
  • Give yourself time to prepare the space and make sure everything is clean and cozy. You want your partner to feel relaxed and in the moment. Prepare all the necessary items in advance, so you can focus completely on the scenario during the roleplay.
  • It's imperative to discuss and establish boundaries before the roleplay begins, as this is a scenario in which one person yields a certain amount of control. Always remember the keys to a successful roleplay: communication, respect, and consent.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Despite his innocent demeanor, never forget to check up on your partner. Make sure he's comfortable with the scenario and enjoying it. Always remember: safety, consent and respect take precedence. Be patient with your partner, since he is shy, and make sure to embrace him both metaphorically and literally so he feels safe and secure.
  • Don't rush the tea ceremony, take your time and take care to follow all steps properly. Each deliberate movement from the ceremony is intended to increase the sexual tension. Your partner's anticipation of what comes next will grow and the experience will intensify. Show your affection throughout, while hints of masterful domination should be reflected in your attitude, speech and conduct.
  • The hugs are crucial. They're his favorite. Ensure that whenever you hug him, it's firm, protective and full of affection. These hugs should be thought out and deliberate to convey your message of domination, possession and fondness all at once.

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