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Master and Servant Secret Adventure

Duration: 4 hours
Budget: Depending on your available products and considering you already own most things, this could be achieved in $100 or less.

This roleplay scenario provides a powerful and exciting dynamic for couples willing to explore their roles. One partner takes on the role of an authoritative, 19th-century old-world master while the other is a dutiful and enticing servant.

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  • This roleplay scenario begins in your home, decorated in the old-world, 19th-century fashion. One partner plays the role of the authoritative and enigmatic master, while the other is the dutiful, enticing servant who's always trying to please the master. Mix up the mood with some secret games, whisperings, and glances. The servant has to perform normal tasks while the master bosses them around. Let the tension build up as the master has more and more unreasonable demands. This comes to a climax when the master confronts the servant about a made-up offense, leading to a loving, passionate time.
  • Your real-world outside the roleplay must not be affected or carry-over. Remember, all actions must be consensual and enjoyable for both of you. Be open about your limits, enjoy your roles, and have fun.
  • After your intimate moment, de-role and discuss all your feelings. Make it part of your game even out of character to improve the experience.

Preparation steps:

  • To execute this scenario, prepare your home to look a bit more like the 19th century. Use dim lighting and old-world decorations, if available. The clothes are integral to the scenario, the servant should wear sexy adult servants' clothing, while the master can wear any comfortable yet authoritive clothing. Research about 19th century language and mannerisms to truly dive into the character.
  • Discuss your hard and soft limits. Know the difference between the character you are portraying and yourself. Be respectful to each other's boundaries and use a safe word. The safe word is to ensure immediate stop of the play whenever it's uttered.
  • Ready your mind. Role-playing is also a mental game. It's about getting into the mindset of the characters you're impersonating. So, spend at least an hour mentally preparing for the role playing.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Always keep in mind that it's just role-playing and it should not affect your relationship outside the scene. The dominant part must act in a chivalrous manner even when being dominant. Reciprocate, give equal chances to each other for playing both roles.
  • Sometimes, role-playing can go deeper than initially thought. Feel all kind of emotions and respect your partner's emotions too. Role-playing sometimes can reveal secret desires. Be open minded and talk about them if this happens.
  • Aftercare is a must. Once the role-playing is over, ensure that you comfort each other and reassure one another of your love and appreciate each other for trying out something new. Make sure that this ends on a positive note with lots of cuddles and appreciation.

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