Massage Therapist and Client in Sirmione, Italy date idea illustration

Massage Therapist and Client in Sirmione, Italy

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: free

The scenario involves an idyllic massage scenario wherein one partner takes on the role of a masseur/masseuse in the striking locales of Sirmione, Italy. The role play is filled with sensual touches and soft whispers in the open air, under the blue Italian sky.

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  • Introduce yourselves into the scene under the Sirmione sky. The partner playing the massage therapist, likely Dany, sets up a massage table outdoor with the picturesque view of the lake. Dany, in a stunning bathing suit, offers her services as a world-class masseur. The other partner plays an intrigued client, eager to experience the sensual massage. Dany expresses her skill in tantalizing strokes, making the session intimate and intensely relaxing.
  • The second phase of the role play includes a slow build-up of passion. Dany surprises her client by teasing with unexpected touches, adding to the ambiance. The partner playing the client responds positively, further fueling passion between the two. Make sure to switch roles to ensure both of you enjoy the experience in its entirety.
  • Conclude the scene where it began, under the warm Sirmione sun. Make sure to take everything slow, teasing and exploring each other’s bodies. The more time you guys take, the intense and intimate it is going to be.

Preparation steps:

  • Pick a beautiful spot in Sirmione to set the right atmosphere. The backdrop of the lake and soft wind rustling through the trees would only enhance the experience. Dress comfortably, remembering that you’re in the role of a spa therapist and a client. Pack the right set of massage oils with different fragrances to add an extra touch to your experience.
  • Since the role play is outside, pack everything you need in a tote bag with a bottle of water, sunscreen, towels, and light blankets. Make sure to have your selected spot reserved early and set up a comfortable massage table with soft sheets.
  • Since the theme of the role play is very intimate, discuss with your partner the limits of it. As it’s outdoors, be mindful of your surroundings. Keep the intimate actions under wraps, and save them for more private moments.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Before starting with your role play, understand your partner's preferences and comfort zones in terms of touch and intimacy. Always keep open lines of communication. A sensual massage is about losing inhibitions, so reassure your partner's comfort before and during the role play.
  • Choose a spot that ensures maximum privacy while letting you enjoy the natural beauty of Sirmione. If the privacy is less, keep the gentle and sensual strokes discreet to keep the situation under wraps.
  • Remember this role play's essence is sensuality and teasing each other. The more teasing and touching, the better it is. End the scene with both partners switching roles to enjoy the experience equally. Don’t rush things, take everything slow to keep the scenario intimate and satisfying.

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