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Mafia Boss and the Soft Girl

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: $500

This scenario introduces a power dynamic enriched with a clash of contrasts. It's a narrative where one partner personifies a powerful, dominating mafia boss, while the other dons an innocent, submissive demeanor of a soft girl. Experience the thrill of assertion, obedience, and exploration under lush settings.

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  • For this scenario, Felix will play the Mafia Boss while you take on the role of a Soft Girl who inadvertently catches the Boss's attention. The narrative starts with Felix, the mafia boss, returning to his luxurious penthouse after a demanding day. You, the soft girl, are the new maid who's just started working in the apartment. The boss, intrigued by your innocence and softness, decides to step in and guide you through your duties, reveling in the power dynamic.
  • As the evening progresses, the boss demonstrates an intense fascination for you, his interests escalating from strict business to a personal exploration. He would protect his soft girl from the harsh world outside, cherishing the gentleness that opposes his rough exterior. Be prepared for assertive guidance mixed with heartfelt gentleness.
  • The climax of the roleplay should center around the bedroom- the boss, shedding bits of his rough demeanor, reveals a softer, sensual side only for you. Submission turns into mutual pleasure, the atmosphere radiating with an intricate blend of complexity and affection.

Preparation steps:

  • Preparation would include the perfect setting and costumes. Since the location suggests a Mafia boss's penthouse, make sure it is furnished lavishly with curtains capped with darkness and dim, warm lights to amp up the intensity. You can add more details like a private bar, an expensive sound system playing soft, sensual music, and luxurious fur rugs.
  • Costumes play a significant role in such roleplays. Felix, as the Mafia boss, might want to wear a stylish, dark suit, embodying the power and authority of his role. A fedora hat to go along with could be a cherry on top. You, as the soft girl, can wear a simple yet elegant dress accentuating your innocence. Finalize your looks with a neat updo and minimalistic makeup.
  • Boasting a high budget scenario, incorporations of sensual elements such as expensive scented candles, plush handcuffs or silk blindfolds can serve as intriguing add-ons to your play, enhancing the sensual experience manifold.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Remember to respect each other's boundaries and consent is essential. Felix needs to ensure he does not cross any boundaries, even while portraying a possessive role. Also, there's no harm in accentuating your Korean accent during the roleplay, it could make things more authentic and special.
  • Communication during the play is vital. Always pay attention to your partner's comfortability and body language. Ensure a safe word is in place, and use it whenever necessary.
  • Lastly, enjoy and immerse yourselves in your characters. Letting go of inhibitions and embracing the roles wholeheartedly can greatly enhance your pleasure and overall roleplay experience.

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