Lusty Librarian Romance date idea illustration

Lusty Librarian Romance

Duration: 2-3 hours
Budget: $20 - $50

It's an ideal way to explore each other's fantasies while stuck indoors. As the temperature drops outside, let the heat rise between you and your partner in this exciting librarian role play scenario.

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  • A home turned into a library where one partner takes on the role of a shy bookworm, while the other transforms into a seductive librarian. The one playing the librarian is tasked with recommending a risquรฉ novel, slowly describing plot points that suspiciously mirror what they'd like to enact in real life, while the 'bookworm' must act all innocent and shy, only slowly getting tempted by the spicy storyline. By the time they reach the climax of the 'novel', the real action begins.
  • The role play can start in your home's living room. Over the course of the night, it can move from the 'library' to the 'bookworm's' room. Teasing and anticipation should be the central themes here, allowing the sexual tension to build up over the course of the evening.
  • Throughout your role play, remember to stay in character. The librarian is knowledgeable, seductive while the bookworm is shy yet intrigued. Play your parts fully to get the most out of this erotic experience.

Preparation steps:

  • First and foremost, create a library atmosphere. If you have a bookshelf at home, that's perfect. If not, try arranging whatever books you have around the living area to give the illusion of a library. Don't worry too much about the type of books - it's more about the ambiance you're creating.
  • Next, dress up. Whoever is playing the librarian could choose a 'Sexy adult librarian' costume available online, typically including glasses and a tight skirt. The bookworm can wear 'Sexy adult loungewear' to imitate a casual, homely vibe.
  • Prepare a 'naughty novel' prop. It could be any book, but stick a naughty label on it and maybe even prepare a fake summary or excerpts to read to the bookworm.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Maintain the atmosphere of the setup by occasionally whispering reading excerpts in each other's ear. This could practically serve as dirty talk in this setting.
  • Make sure to keep up with your roles. Again, the game's all about anticipation, so don't rush it. Let the game unfold at its own pace, building up the intrigue and pleasure.
  • For the partner playing the librarian, it's crucial not to break character and force the scenario. The bookworm should be given the room to explore and express curiosity in the situation.

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