Lucifer and his Lawyer date idea illustration

Lucifer and his Lawyer

Duration: 3 to 4 hours
Budget: Depending upon product preferences and bar/club expenses

This role-play is bound to ignite the passions of Hell in Ankara's cold November night while bringing an alluring game of negotiation and indulgence. You are Lucifer, the devil with the powers to tempt, seduce, and trick into submission. Your partner is the lawyer, driven by justice and righteousness, yet is vulnerable to desire and lust.

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  • The game begins at home with a bottle of wine or a glass of devilish concoction that Lucifer has brewed. Things intensify when the stakes are revealed - fun, sexual favors, or just an intimate tickle battle. The game of negotiation begins amidst laughter, playful banter, and seductive glances.
  • To up the ante, head to any cozy bar or club in Ankara, maintaining your roles. Here, under the low lights and hypnotic music, the devil's charm and the lawyer's resistance play their part. You secretly whisper in her ear while keeping a straight face, or she coyly brushes her fingers against yours while making a point.
  • Back home, the negotiations should be well under way in the bedroom with every piece of clothing having its worth. You both end your night with a meaningful smile, knowing that you've played a devilishly enchanting role-play that will be remembered for days to come.

Preparation steps:

  • To start, gather some props that coincide with your roles. For Lucifer, a devil's horn and a red silk robe would do the trick while a professional looking outfit with a hint of allure will be great for the Lawyer.
  • Next, set up your living room or home space to resemble a place where negotiations would take place. Subdued lighting or candlelight could be used to further enhance the romance and mystery of the role-play. The music should be light and seductive.
  • Finally, agree on the stakes. Make sure that the stakes are of mutual interest and fun for both of you. It can range from anything simple like deciding on weekend chores to playful physical relations.

You may need

Some tips:

  • It's always important to stay in character throughout the scenario. But, the roles are just props to start the night. The main aim should be to have fun, enjoy each other's company, and get intimate.
  • Don't forget that the actual stakes of the negotiation are not as important as the game of negotiation itself. So, keep the stakes simple, and playful, so that both of you can focus on seducing and romancing each other.
  • Remember to be attentive, patient, and understanding throughout the game. The devil could be a persuasive charmer, and the lawyer a resistant negotiator, but in reality, you both are partners seeking a night filled with laughter, intimacy, and romance.

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