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Lost in the Wilderness

Duration: Overnight
Budget: Variable

This is a unique roleplay scenario where you and your partner step into the shoes of two adventurous hikers, lost in the wilderness. While making your way back to civilization, prioritize the beauty of your surroundings and the connection between you both. It will bring in fun elements of the great outdoors, fire-making, and camping, combined with the thrill of survival tactics, fostering intimacy as you rely on each other for comfort and safety.

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  • Richard and his partner have planned an adventurous outdoor date where they push their boundaries and step into the roles of two brave hikers. They'll head into the unknown, discover new trails, and navigate through the wilderness. Experiencing the challenge of survival together allows for a bonding experience in a proving ground for trust and communication.
  • As the sun goes down, they find a secluded camping spot. They pitch their tent, gather firewood, and focus on building a fire. As the fire grows, so does the tension. The warmth from the fire contrasts with the autumn chill, creating a cozy retreat.
  • They then move on to preparing a simple but delicious wilderness meal. This is an opportunity to explore dominance and submission dynamics where Richard leads in cooking while his partner assists. The act of care and providing for their lover fosters intimacy, and they find themselves trapped in an electrifying stare, ready to explore each other further.

Preparation steps:

  • Both partners should prepare for the roleplay by obtaining useful hiking gear and creating an overnight plan. They must have warm clothing, comfortable shoes, and a good quality tent. They need to pack simple cooking equipment and choose a recipe that's easy to cook outdoors. The personal kit should include insect repellent, a first aid kit, a map and compass if they wish to have a genuine wilderness experience, and not forgetting safety, ensure a fully charged phone or a portable charger in case of emergency.
  • It's also necessary to check the weather for their adventure day and choose a location that allows overnight camping and is within a safe distance. Learning basic survival skills, including fire-making, can be an invigorating addition to their bedroom roles and survival game.
  • Find a secluded and intimate spot where roleplaying is possible without bothering others. Privacy is key to sustaining the atmosphere for the adventurous journey and the activities that ensue.

You may need

Some tips:

  • First and foremost, safety is vital in this scenario. Check the venue for any wildlife and take necessary precautions. Check your gears before heading out and ensure smartphones are fully charged. Although this is a roleplay scenario, taking precautions as if you're genuinely lost in the wilderness is beneficial and adds to the realism.
  • Propose appropriate safe words and signals to ensure comfort. Keeping clear rules and boundaries in place can help navigate the thin line between fun adventure and discomfort.
  • Lastly, this scenario thrives on the unexpected. Throwing in surprise elements like a surprise BDSM item can intensively ignite the mood. Think handcuffs or a blindfold, or anything else one might not usually associate with a hike in the wilderness. Have fun, be creative, and explore new boundaries.

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