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Long Distance Love Game

Duration: One week
Budget: Free

This creative roleplay scenario is designed to replicate the thrills and adventures seeked by long-distance couples. Living in the same city does not prevent you from exploring the dynamics of long-distance love, with the aid of technology combined with low budget plans. Even better, this roleplay will help build a better connection as you navigate through the ups and downs of being in a 'long-distance' relationship.

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  • The roleplay starts as you both live apart from each other, keeping contact only through online mediums. Your only way to communicate is through texts, calls, and video chats. During the daytime, you operate as individuals, busy with your daily routines. But as night falls, you two reconnect, sharing your day's stories, playing online games, and experiencing virtual cam dates.
  • The couple can also engage in writing emails or letters to one another, expressing their feelings, things they miss about each other, or desires they have for when they finally 'meet'. This adds a sense of anticipation and excitement to the whole process.
  • Finally, after a week of playing the long-distance game, you set up a virtual date where you both prepare a candlelight dinner at your individual homes, synchronizing your actions on a video call. The night can then progress to more intimate activities, starting off with light-hearted flirts, progressing onto sharing of sensual photos and videos, and wrapping up the night with passionate virtual love-making.

Preparation steps:

  • To set the tone for a successful long-distance roleplay, there are a few preparations you need to do. Firstly, create a communication schedule. It's crucial to stick to this as it maintains the illusion of separation, and builds anticipation for the times you'll 'meet' online.
  • Next, find interesting online activities you both can engage in. This could be online games, book club meetings, or virtual museum tours, among others. These activities will help replicating the long distance bonding in the most authentic way.
  • Lastly, prepare for the final night, the virtual date night. Plan a mutual food menu, set the table with candles and flowers, and dress up as if it's a real date. Make sure your internet connection is stable - nothing ruins a virtual date quicker than a faulty video call.

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Some tips:

  • Always make sure to keep the communication interesting and engaging. Do not let monotony set in. Surprises are always welcome in a virtual dating scenario. Surprise him or her with a late-night text or a heartfelt email.
  • Don't forget to incorporate humor and laughter into your role play. Make each other laugh over silly stories, jokes, or funny videos. This will help to lighten the mood, and make things more fun and enjoyable.
  • Lastly, voyeuristic elements can add some extra spice to your roleplay. Don't shy away from sharing some sensual photos or even a racy video, teasing and leading each other on. It will heighten the anticipation for your final virtual date night.

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