Lisbon's Beautiful Surprises date idea illustration

Lisbon's Beautiful Surprises

Duration: Full day
Budget: Variable

This date involves discovering Lisbon's hidden gems, admiring the city's beauty from a unique perspective and high points, and engaging in some light sports activities. You'll get to see Lisbon from a new lens, creating shared memories that will last a lifetime.

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  • The date begins bright and early with pick-up from a designated spot. Then, you'll journey into the heart of Lisbon, away from the typical tourist tracks. At your first stop, you'll climb a hidden hill to capture panoramic views of Lisbon and partake in some light hill-climbing to get your heart pumping.
  • Next, you'll visit a secret garden unknown to most tourists. The garden is a beautiful space to reconnect, relax and unwind. Engage in some playful sports in the open field, like frisbee or soccer. Afterward, a moment of tranquility as you sit by the garden's pond, listening to nature's symphony.
  • The last surprise is a visit to an ancient part of Lisbon where you can roam cobblestone streets, explore local shops, cafes, and get to understand the culture intimately. A taste of local cuisine at a charming restaurant will wrap up your adventurous date.

Preparation steps:

  • To make sure you're ready for a full day of exploring and mild sports, it's best to put on comfortable footwear and clothing. Bring along a camera to capture the beautiful views and keep a day-pack for any essentials such as water, sunblock, snacks, etc.
  • Before the day, doing a bit of light stretching to ensure your legs and body are up for the activities. It would be best to have light breakfast as you're in for some exercise and walking.
  • Lastly, be ready with an open mind and full spirit to endure an exciting day of experiences. You'd be seeing a side of Lisbon that's generally unknown to most tourists.

Some tips:

  • Try to keep an open mind throughout the day as some sports or activities you partake in may be new to you. But that only adds to the adventure and fun.
  • Make sure to check the weather forecast before your scheduled date. Choose a day with clear skies for better views from the hill. You wouldn't want the weather to spoil your surprises.
  • Lastly, ensure that you capture the moment not only in your camera but also in your heart. The goal is to create lasting memories while enjoying the entire day.

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