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Lesson of Desire

Duration: 2-3 hours
Budget: $50-$100

This Teacher and 9th class Student-themed roleplay scenario lets you explore your fantasies of power dynamics and innocent mischief. Play out a tempting and electrifying scenario wherein a strict teacher seeks to tame a playful student.

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  • Create a home-classroom vibe using a desk, a blackboard and a computer. Set the stage with some educational videos playing on the monitor. The woman takes the role of the strict teacher who is in her hours of grading the papers, and the man plays the naughty student who has been sent for detention and is trying to charm his way out of it.
  • The teacher, determined to teach the student a lesson, puts the student to tasks, each more difficult than the previous one. Meanwhile, the student brings his A-game to charm the stern teacher. As the sessions intensify, you both give in to the underlying tension, leading to an unforgettable night of passion and satisfaction.
  • Watch as the roles of power crumble and a new understanding takes place between the teacher and her favorite student.

Preparation steps:

  • You'll need a few things to set the mood for this roleplay. Round up some typical classroom props like a small desk, blackboard, chalk and notebooks. Choose a room in the house that's usually quiet to mimic a classroom. Dress up the part - the teacher can wear a 'Sexy adult Schoolmarm' outfit, while the student can put on a basic white button-down and shorts to look the part of a 9th class student.
  • Watch a few movies or read some stories to give you creative ideas for your roleplay. It's all about creating an environment and staying in character to make your fantasies come true.
  • Remember that clear communication and consent are very important in roleplay. Discuss boundaries and safe words before you get into character. Make sure both of you are comfortable with the personas you will be playing. This preparation will help you deepen your connection and enhance your pleasure during the roleplay.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Stay in character but remember that you're also playing a game that's designed to be fun and sensual. If you start feeling uncomfortable, take a break and talk about it. It's important to balance your shared fantasies with both partner's comfort levels.
  • The teacher is in a position of authority, so she will dictate most of the scenario. The student has to blend in a mix of mischief and charm. Remember, the more detailed your personas, the better your roleplay will turn out.
  • You can switch roles after a while if you want to keep things interesting. This give you the chance to explore different aspects of your fantasies and will add an interesting dimension to your interactions. Always remember, the aim is to strengthen your bond and explore your intimate desires in a safe, consensual way.

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