Knight in Shining Armor: Fencing & Night Talk date idea illustration

Knight in Shining Armor: Fencing & Night Talk

Duration: 4 hours
Budget: $30

Treat your partner to a surreal date filled with sword fights and intriguing conversations. Learn the art of fencing together, laugh at each other's blunders, and challenge his seasoned skills. Post the adrenaline-filled adventure, enjoy a cozy, intimate evening with him. Share tales, crack naughty jokes, and play ball-kicking by the fire. Show him you're not just any other friend. This epic date will surely earn his respect and maybe more.

  • Start your date with a friendly fencing duel in a local, inexpensive fencing hall. You might get a chance to demonstrate your fencing skills and, if you're new to fencing, pick up a few moves from your mercenary partner.
  • After an energizing fencing match, change the scene to a peaceful fireside setting. It could be an indoor hearth in a local eatery or a safe outdoor spot if the weather permits. Here, you can share tales, challenge your partner with a gentleman's game of kick balls, sweetened with a stake of gold.
  • Finally, add a spicy ending to your date. Maybe, as the fire dies out and the stars take over, you lean in for a bit more intimate conversation, flirting and ending up in a passionate connection.

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Preparation steps:

  • Before the date, research local fencing halls that offer lessons or open classes within your budget. Reserve spots for you and your date.
  • After that, find a nice, cozy spot with a fireplace. It could be a local eatery or lodge. Make sure it's not bulky on your pocket and yet offers a tranquil ambiance. The place should serve or allow you to bring in food and drinks.
  • Lastly, if you're opting for an outdoor fireside evening, check the local weather for the day to ensure it's free from any rains or harsh winds and safe for an outdoor fire. Remember to discreetly bring a gold piece for your kick ball game and have some spicy conversation starters ready.

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Some tips:

  • Do some basic fencing lessons beforehand, it will surely impress your mercenary partner, especially if he's a fencing enthusiast. If you're new to fencing, don't fret about it too much, let him teach you. He will surely appreciate your interest in his passion.
  • In the second part of your date, try to make your conversations as engaging and fun as possible. You might even want to prepare some jokes to match his ironic personality.
  • The goal is to connect with your partner on a friendly and intimate level. Be sure to show respect and interest towards his stories. The spicy ending should come naturally, don't rush or force it.

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