K-Pop Craze date idea illustration

K-Pop Craze

Duration: 3-5 hours
Budget: $100-$200

This K-Pop inspired roleplay is designed for couples who share a love for the genre or want to explore something new and exciting. Release your inner superstars, sing, dance and perform in the privacy of your own space. Korean pop music's lively vibe makes an amazing backdrop for an unforgettable, flirtatious night.

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  • You and your partner are both trainees at a famous Korean music agency and you are competing for the last spot in the upcoming K-pop group. The competition between you two is fierce but there's also undeniable chemistry. You decide to have a private edition of a music show at your place. Dress up in sexy K-pop star outfits, create a simple choreography and select a few of your favorite K-pop songs for a titillating performance.
  • Make your apartment look like a music video set with LED lights and props. The living room can be the main stage where you both strive to win the judges’ favor - each other. Engage in a passionate dance-off, making sure to tease each other during your performances. End the night with a melodious K-pop love song in a beautifully lit ambiance.
  • While the competition is fun and playful, the undercurrent of desire should be palpable. Flirt and tease with your dance moves, lyrics, and the energy you bring to your performance. Eventually, let the passion take over the competition.

Preparation steps:

  • First and foremost, search online for inspiration for your outfits. Opt for clothes that are not only stylish but also allow you to move freely. Remember, the sexier, the better. Jewelry and accessories can add a touch of glam. Sneakers will be ideal for your dance steps.
  • You’ll also need a playlist of K-pop songs - both upbeat ones for the dance-off and some slow ones for the romantic end. Choose songs that you both like and know the words to. Practice your dance moves watching YouTube tutorials or just freestyle it. You might also need to arrange some home-made stage props like a DIY spotlight, LED lights or disco balls.
  • The food and drink should be inspired by Korean cuisine. Soju cocktails, kimchi, and Korean BBQ would be fun choices to keep you fueled and set the mood.

You may need

Some tips:

  • This role-play scenario can be as much about the performances as it is about the lead-up. So enjoy the preparations; from getting dressed up, to setting the stage, to practicing your moves. The performances are more about having fun and less about perfection, remember to let loose and enjoy.
  • Keep your performance flirty. Use body language and gaze to communicate your desire. When singing, sing to each other. Make sure your performances include a lot of interaction, taunting and teasing.
  • Dim the lights, turn on some fairy lights or anything that sets a romantic, exciting atmosphere. At the end of the performances, whoever you both decide is the winner gets to pick the final love song for a slow dance. The night ends not with competition, but in each other’s arms.

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