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Journey Of The Foreign Lover

Duration: 3-4 hours
Budget: $0

Explore the realm of the foreign traveler visiting your loved one's country. You'll recreate an optimal environment of a foreign country in the midst of your home. Being the visitors, you'll both navigate the boundaries of exploration, indulging in a steamy experience worth remembering.

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  • The lady (Cherry) transforms herself into a beguiling local speaking her seductive local language, waiting for her foreign man (Jaloek) in their recreated foreign country. They meet in common areas in their home, like the living room or bedroom, which are decorated to mirror the atmosphere of a foreign country. They don't understand each other's language but they comprehend the language of love. They communicate with body language and physical gestures that ignite the fire between them. Jaloek has a map of Cherry's body, he explores her terrain with his hands, paying special attention to the nape of her neck, her favorite spot. He's lost in the foreign country, he stumbles upon Cherry’s butt, which he admires enthusiastically. The duo relish in their exploratory journey, discovering newfound love in their intimate space.
  • Once he's familiar with her body's map, Jaloek loses himself in worshipping Cherry's body while they're sprawled on their bed. Cherry reciprocates his affectionate gestures, kissing and tenderly touching his abdomen and lower. Sexually charged energy fills the air, as they experiment with various positions, their bodies intertwining in passion. The foreign land etches an indelible memory on both lovers, promising a night that they'll reminisce about.
  • The journey ends as they lay exhausted, completely spent from their exploration and sexual activities. They share a warm, intimate conversation, getting to know each other a little more. It's not about the language but the connection they've built upon. Before they retire, the couple exchanges heartfelt goodbyes, promising to meet in another country (room) the next time.

Preparation steps:

  • Bring souvenirs from foreign countries, dress in traditional costumes and speak in indigenous languages to set the stage. Cherry and Jaloek should arrange their common areas such as the living room or bedroom to mirror the allure of a foreign country. Use decorations and costumes to capture the essence of the location. Candlelight could add a sensual and intimate aura; soft background music can provide an even more immersive experience.
  • Get adventurous with foreign props. A fedora for Jaloek and a headpiece for Cherry. Prepare exotic cocktails and snacks from the foreign country to add authenticity to the setup. The scents and flavors go really well in setting up the mood.
  • Keep special attention to costumes; as Cherry and Jaloek need to dress themselves in attractive traditional attires of the local and traveller respectively. Make use of bodypaint for marking the map on Cherry's body, making sure Jaloek discovers all her favorite spots.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Create an environment that feels authentic to the country you're roleplaying as. The setting is very crucial in building up your roleplay. If possible, use decorations that look like a particular country's important landmarks.
  • Paying careful attention to each other's favorite spots brings up the intimacy quotient of your activities. For Cherry, the nape of her neck, for Jaloek, his abdomen and lower. The application of body paint acts as a great foreplay.
  • Speak in the native languages of the country you're into. Not understanding each other helps to build up the anticipation and excitement. This would add to the novelty of your scenario. Remember, language isn't a barrier in love.

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