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Jealous Desires

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: Variable

In this scenario, the girlfriend dresses up provocatively and flirts with an imaginary character to make her boyfriend jealous. The heightened jealousy adds an element of competitive desire, leading to a passionate reclaiming of affections.

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  • Your girlfriend has been acting extra flirtatious today, and it seems like she's trying to make you jealous.
  • She tells you she's going to go hang out with an old 'friend' and leaves the house dressed to the nines in her sexiest clothes. Her phone buzzes with texts from her 'friend,' which she giggles at but doesn't show you.
  • Throughout the evening, she sends you teasing photos and texts, hinting at her 'adventures.' This is all a playful show for your benefit, designed to stoke the fires of jealousy and heighten your desire for her.
  • Ultimately, she comes back home, and it's time for you to 'confront' her. Show her who she truly belongs to in a passionate display of affection.

Preparation steps:

  • The girlfriend should find her sexiest outfit, something that she knows will drive her partner wild. She might also want to consider wearing a seductive perfume or applying make-up in a way that's bolder than usual, enhancing the allure of the not-so-innocent act.
  • The boyfriend should practice restraint. Part of what makes this roleplay enjoyable is his reaction to her teases. He can prepare responses that show he's affected, but not too muchβ€”a balance that pretends to maintain control while actually being deeply enticed.
  • Set up a way for the girlfriend to send her teasing messagesβ€”whether through texts, photos, or social media. This should be something they both have access to and are comfortable using in their roleplay.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Remember to stay in character throughout the roleplayβ€”it will make the scenario feel more realistic and exciting.
  • This scene should be fun and playful, so ensure to discuss boundaries and use safe words if anything feels uncomfortable.
  • Use descriptive language in your texts and messages to really paint a picture and escalate the tension. The more detailed, the better.

Dialogue ideas:

  • 'You should see the way he's looking at me...or maybe you shouldn't. It might make you jealous.'
  • 'I'm having such a good time, but imagine if you were here with me. What would you do?'
  • 'Oh, did you see what I'm wearing? Do you think he'll be able to resist?'

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