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Innocent Misunderstanding

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: $0

This scenario transports you into a risqué domestic sphere involving a naughty little secret kept within the family. Specially tailored for the Belgium autumn weather, this will provide a great way to spice up your relationship without breaking bank. Enjoy this unique bonding experience that involves intriguing narrative, suggestive behaviors, and the safe confines of your home.

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  • The day starts when the 'stepson' enters the kitchen to find his 'stepmother' cooking. She is working on an old family recipe while he is clearly struggling to focus on his schoolwork. Eager to help, she encourages him to join her in cooking and learning the traditional family dish. Over the course of the evening, there are 'accidentally' stray touches, a naughty spill or two when experiencing difficulties with the cooking, and an ever-increasing tension.
  • The evening progresses, becoming bolder and more flirtatious, as they share an intimate dinner. The domestic setting becomes increasingly sensual as they covertly glance at each other while eating the dish they cooked together. As the conversation becomes more playful and suggestive, subliminal messages are sent and received, igniting the spark of forbidden desire.
  • As they finish the meal, they engage in 'accidental' physical contacts like the brushing of hands or knee grazing under the table and hold lingering gazes that are charged with hidden intentions. The tension climaxes with a moment of surrender to their pulsing desires, savoring in the overwhelming wave of excitement and temptation.

Preparation steps:

  • Both participants should decide on their characters' backgrounds, their history, and the bounds they are comfortable with for this role-play ahead of time. Discuss the scenario, and what sort of interactions they would be comfortable with - it's okay to include humor, naughtiness, or romantic elements, depending on what suits your tastes. Decide on a safe word to use if either partner wants to interrupt the role-play at any point.
  • Set up your kitchen and dining room for the scenario. The kitchen will serve for the initial cooking phase, while the dining room will be used for the subtly flirty dinner. To enhance the experience, the 'stepmother' can consider wearing an apron over a racy outfit, while the 'stepson' can don casual, borderline-undone clothing.
  • Creating an appropriate menu can significantly elevate the experience. An ideal dish is something both parties enjoy, preferably a dish that's hands-on and slightly messy. This will encourage more interaction and create opportunities for playful situations.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Since this is a free role play scenario, try to use props and outfits you already own. However, a small investment in a sexy apron or undone casual shirt may add a lot to the atmosphere. And remember, the food preparation part should be interactive and slightly messy to encourage playful situations.
  • Keep the role-play light and fun, and be sure to communicate about your comfort zones. Do not hesitate to use the safe word if you feel uncomfortable at any point. This scenario is about exploring a daring fantasy, but consent and comfort should always be the priority.
  • Find ways to make the 'accidents' seem natural, whether it’s a spill while cooking or accidental brushing of hands. Take your time to develop this aspect of the play, as it enhances the buildup towards the climax while making the whole scenario feel more natural.

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