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Ink and Lust

Duration: 2-3 hours
Budget: Minimal

This scenario is an indulgent play on the sensual dynamic between a writer weaving tales of passion and an editor who carefully checks each word. She is the writer, crafting sultry sentences; and he is the editor, marking the heated lines with his red pencil. Their mutual tension is palpable as each one gets a turn in this game of control. The story starts with a quiet office setting, but the plot escalates quickly when they are almost discovered.

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  • Start with Marley in her best 'writerly' attire, typing on an old-fashioned typewriter, deeply engrossed in crafting a passionate story. You come in as the stern editor, assertively handling your red pencil. As you begin to review her work, subtly initiate physical contact— a lingering hand on a shoulder, seductive whispers while discussing edits, or a playful tug of hair.
  • As the tension rises, the power play begins. Marley submits to your edits, the red pencil tracing not just on paper but also guiding her, binding her hands lightly with your necktie or a silk scarf. As you engage in edging, maintain control over her pleasure like you maintain control over the choice of words. Be sure not to rush things, teasing her as you alternate between reading sensuous parts of her story and pleasuring her.
  • To fulfill Marley's liking for risks, stage an unsuspected visit from a friend. Make discreetly escaping the situation part of the scenario, adding an exciting thrill of being almost discovered. Once your 'visitor' has left, continue to chase your relief with a climactic resolution, just like in any good story crafted together.

Preparation steps:

  • Since the setting is your home office, ensure it has the right ambiance. A desk, an old typewriter for Marley to work on, a red pencil and a draft for you to edit should be set. Marley could deck up in a slightly disheveled but attractive writer’s look while you dress up like a polished, domineering editor.
  • Get some desk-friendly props that can double up as restraints such as your necktie or a silk scarf. Also, ensure the availability of a blanket or a large scarf to quickly cover up if your 'visitor' unexpectedly walks in.
  • Inform a friend beforehand about the role they are to play for the unexpected visit part. They should know when to arrive and how to respond should they 'stumble' on the scene.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Use the red pencil as an extended form of touch to let anticipation build up in Marley. Read her sensual stories aloud as a form of dirty talk and narrate to her what you would do next to tease her.
  • For light bondage, use the necktie or the silk scarf. Be careful and ensure that Marley is comfortable at all times. For edging, bring her close to the edge multiple times before finally allowing her climax.
  • Remember, the scenario’s excitement partially relies on your 'visitor' acting surprised but not genuinely shocked. It is essential to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for everyone involved.

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