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Indoor Police and Prisoner Roleplay

Duration: 3-4 hours
Budget: $0

Spend an exhilarating evening playing the roles of a police officer and a prisoner. This scenario is perfect for indoor play in October's chilly weather. It combines the partner's love for music and video games. The fun part of this roleplay is that it's absolutely free; you can create an amazing experience without spending a penny.

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  • The scenario begins with one partner playing the role of an 'escaped prisoner' who happens to seek refuge in the home of an 'off-duty police officer', played by the other partner. The game starts as the 'police officer' comes home to find signs of an intruder. The thrill of the chase begins as the 'off-duty officer' starts investigating the 'break-in'. From there, the 'prisoner' must evade capture, turning it into a fun game of hide-and-seek inside the house.
  • As an extra twist to bring in Jay's interests, music and video games could be involved in the search process. Maybe the 'prisoner' leaves behind a specific game cartridge or a 'calling card' playing a favourite tune.
  • The cat and mouse game could evolve into a steamy evening as the tension heats up. The rules of the engagement can be decided by the couple, ensuring a fun-filled and spicy night according to their preferences and comfort levels.

Preparation steps:

  • In preparation, decide who will play the role of the police officer and the prisoner. Be creative with the outfits to set the mood. You don't need professional costumes for this; a simple white shirt and some accessories can work well for the 'police officer', while casual grungy clothes or an orange shirt can represent the 'prisoner'.
  • Arrange your home to add elements of surprise and fun to your chase. Place music gadgets or video game paraphernalia strategically in different corners of your house to pique the 'off-duty officer's' interest. As this is happening indoors, ensure that the environment is safe to move around freely, with no risk of injuries.
  • Finally, set the rules of the game concerning how the roles play out, the boundaries, safe words for any uncomfortableness, and how spiciness will be included. Always make sure that both participants are comfortable and consent to each aspect of the role play.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Try to bring out your inner actor/actress to fully embrace the roles and make the roleplay more exciting. You are not just dressing up; you are actually playing your roles. This will also help in setting the mood and keeping the spark alive.
  • To keep the game fair and safe for both parties, ensure you've established clear boundaries and have decided on a safe word beforehand. This word will signal when one party is uncomfortable and wants to stop the game. This not only ensures safety but also builds trust between the players.
  • Don't forget to have fun. This is a game first and foremost and is a way to enjoy each other's company in a unique and novel way.

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