Indoor October Movie Night date idea illustration

Indoor October Movie Night

Duration: 4-5 hours
Budget: any

Engulfed in comfy blankets with your lover by your side, a good movie playing, and an October chill outside, it's time for a bedroom movie night. This scenario, defined by comfort and a warm connection, is about staying in, getting close and taste the sweetness of each other's company.

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  • What's better than a cozy autumnal night in? This scenario starts with a romantic dinner prepared together and enjoyed on the bed. After dinner, while the rain pat on your windows, the movie is selected and played. Cut to the middle of the movie, where a heated scene unfolds in the safety of your blankets. As the movie ends, the real show begins, and the bedroom becomes the stage for your own private premiere. The night ends with a satisfied bask in the afterglow, cuddled up and ready for sweet dreams.

Preparation steps:

  • First things first, make your bedroom as cozy as possible. Think soft lighting, lots and lots of pillows, and fluffy blankets. Temperature management is critical; you want to be warm and inviting, but not sweltering. Next, prepare your dinner menu - this could either be cooking together or ordering from your favorite restaurant. A tray or two to eat off will be handy. Lastly, make sure your TV or laptop are all setup correctly - no one wants to spend the evening fumbling with HDMI cables.

You may need

Some tips:

  • The movies you select should have some heat ā€“ nothing explicit but a little tension to set the mood. You can also go for each other's favorite romantic films or pick one that both of you haven't watched. Remember, the whole experience isn't just about watching a movie; it's also about enjoying each other's company. The final tip is about the attire for the night. Something loose, comfortable but still sexy is ideal. You can each dress up in a sexy silk robe over nothing or strappy lingerie that is easy to unfurl.

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