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Indoor Ghost Hunt

Duration: 2 hours
Budget: $0

Engage your partner in an indoor ghost hunt that's thrilling, playful, and bound to bring you closer together. This free adventure takes you and your partner on a suspenseful journey around your home in the spirit of Halloween. The adventure ends with an intimate reward for successfully discovering the ghost.

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  • The scenario starts with you setting the scene: it's a dark and stormy October night and there has been news of ghostly activity in your home. Your partner - a renowned ghost hunter - is called to investigate. Spread around your home are clues you've planted, which your partner will have to find. Each clue adds a layer of suspense and also serves as a playful foreplay. At the end of the hunt, the 'ghost' (you, dressed in a revealing outfit) rewards the victorious hunter with an intimate experience.
  • The simple act of searching for clues will provide a thrilling anticipation that heightens the sexual tension. You'll love the mixture of suspense, play, and eventual reveal. The scenario ends with the two of you in the bedroom, unleashing your pent up energy.
  • Remember, the mood remains playful throughout. Engage in teasing, hide-and-seek, and lots of laughing. Let your imagination run wild - turn off lights, use flashlights, and set the atmosphere with shadowy corners and flickering candlelight.

Preparation steps:

  • You will need to prepare some clues and hide them in your house. These clues can be as simple as handwritten notes or intriguing objects that mean something for both of you.
  • Darken the rooms, place candles strategically for a spooky effect. Add some Halloween decorations if you have them - spider webs, fake bats, pumpkins - these will add authenticity and a thrilling ambience.
  • Put on your sexy 'ghost' outfit at the beginning of the game. Dress up in something that will be a tantalizing surprise for your partner when they 'find' you.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Spend quality time hiding the clues and decorating your home. Consider drawing a map of the home highlighting the locations where the clues are hidden if your home is bigger.
  • Although the main theme of this date is playful and thrilling, ensure the clues also serve the purpose of foreplay and making your partner anticipate your intimate reward.
  • To add more intensity to foreplay, consider blindfolding your partner for a portion of the hunt. Once they've found a clue, add a personal touch, such as a lingering kiss or whispering a hint for the next clue in their ear. This will keep them craving for more.

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