Indoor BBQ and Wine Tasting date idea illustration

Indoor BBQ and Wine Tasting

Duration: 4 hours
Budget: $50 - $75

When the weather is a bit chilly and you're looking forward to spend quality time with your partner, have an indoor BBQ and wine tasting night! Enjoy your favorite meats and pair them with a selection of local wines. The perfect blend of food, drink and love makes this date truly heartwarming.

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  • As the evening approaches, and the warmth of the day gets replaced by the chill of the night. The delightful aroma of the delicious meats cooking on the indoor BBQ fills the air. You pour two glasses of a variety of local wines to taste. With a cozy ambiance, you both settle down to enjoy the meal while sharing beautiful moments.
  • The evening progresses with warm conversation and laughter. Each sip of wine enhances the flavors of the BBQ and deepens the connection between you two. As you share more about your day, thoughts, and dreams, you realize how such simple moments make your bond even stronger.
  • The date doesn’t end with the meal. You both clear up together, which is a fun activity in itself. Post this, you both can settle on the couch with a bottle of your favorite wine from the tasting and maybe watch a romantic movie to end the evening perfectly with love in the air.

Preparation steps:

  • A few days before, pick up some meats of you and your partner's liking. Choose a variety of cuts for the BBQ. You don’t have to go for expensive cuts, even simple chicken or pork can do wonders if marinated nicely. Apart from this, gather all the necessary BBQ equipment.
  • Make sure to clean and ventilate your barbecuing space well. Arrange the space to make it comfortable and accessible, also keep a fire extinguisher or a bucket of water handy for safety. You should also set up a nice dining area where you can enjoy the meal and wine tasting.
  • On the day of the date, start with preparations early. Marinate the meat according to your favourite recipe. Also, keep some nice wines ready. If possible, try to get the local wines to make the tasting more authentic. Lastly, don’t forget to set a cozy ambiance with some nice music and dim lights.

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Some tips:

  • Marinating the meat well in advance will give it enough time to absorb the flavours, resulting in a more delicious BBQ. Also, when selecting wines, try to get a nice mix of red, white and rosé to give a well-rounded tasting experience. Review the wines' tasting notes and try pairing them with the BBQ for a complementary experience.
  • Keep the atmosphere relaxed and enjoyable. This date is focused on enjoying the food, wine and, most importantly, each other’s company.
  • Post meal, cleaning up together can be a fun activity. It’s about spending quality time together, so enjoy everything from cooking to cleaning up. A romantic movie post the meal and wine can add a nice finishing touch to the date.

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