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Indoor Batwoman vs Riddler Adventure

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: $100

An adventurous evening featuring an intriguing indoor roleplay scenario. Relive the age-old rivalry between Batwoman and Riddler in an athletic, playful and suspense-filled context. Incorporate the athletic qualities of PJ with the undertones of humor to intensify the evening. The chilly November weather provides an apt setting for this indoor scenario.

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  • The Riddler, played by PJ, has taken over your home and is causing mischief with his riddles. Batwoman should try to navigate the rigged course while solving humorous riddles. Each successful completion leads to a hint of intimacy, ending in a sensual rendezvous.
  • The Batwoman has to solve riddles, each leading to a romantic and sensual reward. Amid the laughter and adventure, find opportunities for teasing and alluring moments.
  • Wrap up the evening with Batwoman defeating the witty Riddler and celebrate with some intimate alone time.

Preparation steps:

  • Decorate your home to give it the 'haunted house' effect using dim lights, artificial cobwebs, adventure-laden corners and, of course, the humorous riddles spread out.
  • Both partners should dress up as the respective characters. Batwoman (you) in a 'Sexy adult Batwoman costume' and the 'Riddler (PJ) in a 'Sexy adult Riddler outfit'.
  • Prepare the riddles in advance. Make them adventurous, playful and if possible, incorporated with PJ's funny anecdotes.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Start the scenario with PJ in the Riddler role, leading the story and deciding where the riddles are placed.
  • Batwoman, keep the mood engaging with playful attempts to solve the riddles and remember, each victorious move leads to a hint of anticipation and pleasure.
  • Keep the atmosphere light with teasing remarks and sarcastic comments to mimic the dynamic between Batwoman and the Riddler. Keep the ending open-ended, with Batwoman claiming her victory, leading to a passionate finale.

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