Indianapolis Aerial Silks Adventure date idea illustration

Indianapolis Aerial Silks Adventure

Duration: 2 hours
Budget: medium

Step out of your comfort zone, be adventurous and surprise your partner by signing up for an aerial silks class in Indianapolis. Aerial silks is a type of performance in which one or more artists perform aerial acrobatics while hanging from special fabric. You'll learn to safely climb, wrap, suspend, fall, swing, and spiral your body into and out of various positions.

  • After donning your most enticing outfit that also allows ease of movement, you and your partner arrive at the Aerial Arts facility excited and ready for your class. Your instructor guides you through warm up exercises, and before you know it, you're off the ground, learning how to twist and turn using silks suspended from the ceiling. You are both struggling a bit at first, but as the class goes on, you start to get the hang of it, sharing plenty of laughter and encouragement along the way. After the class, your muscles may ache a little, but the sense of accomplishment and connection you feel is rewarding.
  • In the class, you both manage to get a couple of impressive moves down, and your partner seems absolutely enthralled watching you perform high up in the air. Later, you reminisce about your daring adventure over a casual dinner in town, both agreeing that it's one of the coolest dates you've ever been on.
  • The day ends with a promise to continue trying out new and exciting date ideas, creating memorable experiences together. Your partner can't help but glance at you admiringly, making you feel proud and cherished.

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Preparation steps:

  • You'll want to dress comfortably yet sensually for this date. Make sure to wear breathable and stretchy clothing that won't hinder your movements. You don't want to worry about adjusting your clothes when you're suspended in the air! Also, don't forget to put your hair in a bun or tight ponytail to avoid any inconvenience during the aerial acrobatics.
  • It's advisable to book the class in advance to secure your spot. Some places may require you to take a beginner's class before moving to the next level. Make sure to check the place's class schedule and guidelines.
  • Eat a light meal before the class to avoid any discomfort. You are going to engage in a physical activity, so staying hydrated is important. Bring a water bottle to the class, and avoid drinking any alcoholic beverages before the session.

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Some tips:

  • Do not forget to warm up before your class to avoid any injuries. Remember that safety is the priority - do not try to do advanced moves without your instructor's approval. Make sure to carefully listen to your instructor's instructions and cues.
  • Engage in light-hearted banter and encouragement throughout your class. It's not a competition but a fun and exciting activity to enjoy together. Remember, it's the shared experience that matters the most in this date.
  • After a thrilling aerial silk class, explore Indianapolis's culinary scene. Grab a table at the Bluebeard restaurant near the aerial silks venue for a cozy yet elegant dining experience or head over to the Milktooth for some unique and tasty delights. Your day full of adventure and excitement won't be complete without a delicious meal.

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