Indian Homely Masala Nights date idea illustration

Indian Homely Masala Nights

Duration: 3 to 4 hours
Budget: under $50

Your wife being an introvert, doesn't mean she wouldn't enjoy a well-planned scenario where you take the lead. This is a night of pure sensual cooking, dining and delightful conversation leading to an intimate encounter. Create an Indian themed evening, filled with comfort, warmth, delicious food and a lot of love.

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  • Start the evening by planning to cook together. Tossing the ingredients and stirring the broth together not only brings you physically close but also provides plenty of opportunity for accidental touches and flirty exchanges. As you cook, lean on her suggestively from behind to 'help' her cook better. Pop small bites in each other's mouth and enjoy the buildup.
  • After the meal is prepared, set the dining table with candles for a romantic candlelight dinner. Compliment her on her cooking skills and warmth. Encourage conversation, ask about her day, her thoughts, cherishing her introverted nature. Easing her into the scenario with comfort and familiarity can help her open up more.
  • When the meal is done, offer her a slow dance in the living room. The close proximity during the dance will heighten the sensual tension between you both. Post-dance, guide her to the bedroom that's been previously set up with low lights and soft music. Complement her beauty and ensure she feels loved. Gradually move into a more sensual act complementing the buildup from the evening.

Preparation steps:

  • Set the mood by cleaning, organizing your home and adding small Indian touches, like fragrant Indian incense and some Indian background music. Make sure the kitchen is clean and has all the ingredients needed for the dinner. Arrange for candles for the dinner table.
  • Make a list of Indian recipes that both of you can enjoy cooking and eating, catering to her taste preferences. The living room should be cleared out for a dance later in the evening. Set aside some soft music for the dance.
  • The bedroom should have soft lighting which can be created using low wattage bulbs, or dimmers or small string lights. Create a cozy and romantic atmosphere which is welcoming.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Get her to assist in smaller tasks of cooking to make her comfortable. Your active participation here will set her at ease. Compliment her at every chance to make her feel special. It's important to create a safe space where she feels loved and cherished.
  • During the dinner, ensure the conversation is light-hearted and enjoyable. Remember not to force her into talking but give her the time to become comfortable and engage at her own pace. Post the meal, ask her for the dance, holding her close and gently swaying to the music will intensify your intimate closeness.
  • When leading her to the bedroom, it would be better not to rush into the act but take your time with foreplay. To increase the spontaneity, you might want to try introducing a blindfold or a massage oil during your intimate act. Make sure she is comfortable with these changes.

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