I'm Not Your Baby: A Power Play Affair

Duration: 2-3 hours
Budget: Varies

In this thrilling erotic roleplay, the couple experiments with the exciting world of power dynamics. The theme 'I'm Not Your Baby' invites partners to explore an assertive and challenging dynamic, stepping away from nurturing roles and delving into a more dominant and self-assured play. Partners will swap usual roles or create new ones to challenge each other in a tug of war for control.

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  • The scene begins with both partners asserting independence, engaging in playful banter and a metaphorical tug of war through competing activities, like a game of card or strategic board game. As the tension mounts, one confidently dismisses pet names and pushes for a more assertive interaction.
  • As they engage in their playful contest, the dialogue becomes more daring and suggestive. The back-and-forth banter leads to a seductive face-off, where each partner takes turns demonstrating their newfound authority and challenging the other to outdo them with their audacity.
  • The scenario culminates when one partner finally concedes, allowing the triumphant other to cash in their victory with an intimate reward. The power dynamic shifts in this moment, but the air is charged with mutual respect and attraction, making for a fiercely passionate encounter.

Preparation steps:

  • Firstly, setting the mood is key. Create a comfortable yet charged atmosphere by dimming lights, perhaps using red or black bulbs for a sultry effect and setting up a play space with a table for the competitive game.
  • Secondly, each partner should spend time beforehand preparing assertive phrases and actions that exhibit their independence and confidence. This will be crucial to up the ante in the power play and can include dressing in something that makes them feel potent and daring.
  • Lastly, review boundaries and safe words, establishing clear communication lines that will allow both partners to fully immerse themselves in the scenario without concerns, enhancing the trust and excitement during the roleplay.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Continuously build the narrative. Before the date, engage in teasing texts or notes that define your 'new' independent personas and hint at the non-submissive role you'll be playing.
  • Utilize a game as a metaphor but don't get too competitive. The game is simply a prelude to the actual power play that will unfold in the bedroom, so maintain a playful tone throughout.
  • Be flexible within the roles and attentive to your partner's reactions. Spontaneous changes in dynamics can heighten the roleplay, but always prioritize mutual enjoyment and consent.

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