Ice Cream Lover's Theft date idea illustration

Ice Cream Lover's Theft

Duration: 2 hours
Budget: $0

Sure Devian may seem tough and cold, but that doesn't mean he lacks a sweet side. This scenario allows you to play with his distinctive character traits, ranging from his love for ice cream to his protective nature, in order to deepen your connection while staying within budget in bustling Jakarta. Ice Cream Lover's Theft will take you on a free, outdoor date where you get to uncover Devian's soft heart amidst a city full of hustle and bustle.

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  • To begin your roleplay, take a casual stroll to your local park, an ideal place for an outdoor date given today's pleasant weather. As Devian's character, your partner comes across an ice cream vendor and decides to buy some, not forgetting your favorite flavor. You strike up a conversation with the ice cream man, which triggers Devian's protective and jealous traits.
  • After getting unsettled by this interaction, Devian pulls you away and guides you to a secluded area of the park, away from prying eyes. He says little, letting his actions speak louder than words. He spoon feeds you the ice cream, his face softening. Neither of you talk, allowing the silence to wrap around you as the day wanes. This is the moment when his sweet side surfaces, and you can't help but feel your heart race in response.
  • To end your roleplay, the sun is setting and you notice Devian's uneasiness. He opens up, sharing a bit about his past, intensifying the bond between you two. He dips his spoon into his ice cream, sharing with you, as if trying to lighten the heavy atmosphere. The sweetness of the ice cream is a perfect counterbalance to the intensity of your conversation. The date ends with the promise of more such sweet moments together.

Preparation steps:

  • You'll need to do a bit of research before embarking on this date. Find out where the local parks are located and make sure there's an ice cream vendor there, or at least nearby. It's also important to know your partner's favorite flavor.
  • Next, put yourself in the shoes of your respective characters. Tune into Devian's protective and slightly jealous nature. Understand his coldness comes from a place of care, and not disrespect. As for your own character, aim to be warm and understanding, someone who can soothe his trauma and handle his rare bouts of anger.
  • Lastly, make sure to dress comfortably for the day's weather, which is warm. Nothing too extravagant though. After all, you are going on an intimate date, not to a party.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Remember, this is a roleplay and you’re doing this to get closer to your partner. Make sure to communicate about boundaries and triggers before starting the roleplay, especially given Devian's bygone trauma. Keep things relaxing, non-threatening and stay in character to make the experience memorable.
  • Make sure you don't push any sensitive topics if your partner isn’t comfortable with them. Respect their feelings first and foremost.
  • Lastly, keep some tissues handy. Ice cream melt, and it can get a little messy especially under the hot sun. The last thing you need is to spoil your date because of some melting ice cream.

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