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Hunter and Prey Stalk

Duration: 2 hours
Budget: $50

Entering the realm of fantasies, have a thrilling date with your partner indulging in a hunter and prey roleplay. Heated pursuit, clever tricks, and a rewarding capture will make your date night adventurous and exciting.

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  • In this roleplay scenario, you will be embodying the 'Prey', specifically a 'bunny' to match your partner's fantasy. Your partner will take on the role of the 'Hunter'. It's important to note that although this game involves deliberate evading and chasing, it should remain playful, respecting each other's boundaries.
  • The roleplay begins with you, the bunny, innocently playing or lounging around, completely unaware of the approaching 'danger'. The Hunter will approach stealthily, observing his prey, awaiting the perfect moment to strike. There will be a brief moment of eye contact to suggest the beginning of the chase. Make sure to put up a playful and dramatic act of running and hiding, triggering your partner's instincts.
  • After a thrilling chase, the hunter will eventually catch the prey, leading to a sensual triumph. It's a celebration of the primal victory where both parties win. The hunter takes his prize while the prey submits willingly, adding an element of dominance and a spice of kink to your romantic endeavor.

Preparation steps:

  • Prepare your surroundings by ensuring enough space for the chase. The lounge area or a private garden could be ideal settings. Ensure all sharp objects or any hazards are removed from your playing area. You wouldn't want any accident disrupting your fun game.
  • Establish boundaries and discuss signals before the game to ensure safety and comfort. It's important to know your partner's limits and act accordingly during the chase. A 'safety word' could be established that when said, the game must immediately stop.
  • Mentally get into your characters. As the 'Prey', you should be coy, playful, yet elusive, and the 'Hunter' embodies dominance, persistence, and thrill of the chase.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Remember, this is a game of playfulness and sensuality. Balance between playful pursuit and sensual moments to keep the game entertaining and exhilarating.
  • Include faux calls of the wild or playful threats to add an element of authenticity and fun during your chase. Use elements around you as props for hiding or evasion, adding to the excitement of the hunt.
  • After the game, take time to cool down, appreciate each other's efforts and discuss what you enjoyed the most or would like to replicate in future games. It's the perfect way to end your adventurous date.

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