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Home Healing

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: free

Dive into a healing scenario with your partner where she is the nurturing caregiver and you are the pacified receiver. Watch as she takes charge, cooking your favourite meal, pampering you and leading the way to a sweet resolution, involving a classic video game boss battle.

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  • Aching from a long day, you let yourself into your home only to find your partner already fully engaged in the cooking process with a warm smile. She guides you to the favourite spot on the couch, providing you with a warm blanket and your favourite book.
  • When dinner is ready, she serves you, delighting in the satisfaction she sees in your eyes. Let the conversation flow naturally, with her asking about your day and you divulging your stresses and problems.
  • After dinner, she moves you to the living room and sets up your favourite video game. The video game session ends in a laugh-filled boss battle, where victory results in an intimate reward.

Preparation steps:

  • For the roleplay, make sure your partner is well-prepared in realising the scenario. Discuss with her a menu that you'd enjoy, ensuring all the necessary ingredients are at hand. Also, arrange a suitable video game that you both can enjoy.
  • Make sure comfortable clothing is at hand for both of you, as the scenario is intended to focus on comfort and care.
  • Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the mood, hence make sure the house is well lit with soft, warm lights.

You may need

Some tips:

  • To fully enjoy the scenario, play into the act of being cared for. Express your gratitude for her efforts and care. This will boost her confidence as the caregiver and make the experience more enjoyable.
  • The video game should be something you generally enjoy and are familiar with, to add to the charm of your 'off time'.
  • Finally, give her the guidance she needs on how you want to be cared for. Every person needs care differently, and communication will ensure that the roleplay goes without a hitch.

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