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Home Alone Hide and Seek

Duration: 2 hours
Budget: $0

Set the stage for an exciting evening of discovery and sensual delights as Sadhna and Yashu find themselves home alone. With no one around to interrupt, a simple game of hide and seek turns into an exploratory journey that brings them closer than ever before.

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  • As the house falls quiet, Sadhna and Yashu decide to spice up their evening with a grown-up version of hide and seek. They lay out the ground rules: the seeker must wear a blindfold, relying on the other senses to find their partner, who will be hiding somewhere within the confines of their home.
  • The game begins with Yashu donning a blindfold, counting to thirty as Sadhna finds her perfect hiding spot. Every lingering sound becomes a clue, and as Yashu zeroes in on Sadhna's location, the anticipation builds. The blindfold ensures that every touch feels more intense, and when Sadhna is finally found, the game takes a tantalizing turn.
  • Switching roles, it's Sadhna's turn to seek out Yashu. But in this household, the one who's been found has to reveal a fantasy they've been keeping secret. With each encounter, the fantasies grow bolder, and the game continues until all inhibitions are left in the shadows of their hideaway spots.

Preparation steps:

  • Begin by setting the mood: dim the lights, put on some background music that both Sadhna and Yashu enjoy. This should create a calm yet expectant atmosphere, primed for the evening's activities.
  • Choose comfortable yet teasing outfits for both Sadhna and Yashu. The outfits should be easy to move around in given the playful chasing, yet have an element that can be playfully 'discovered' by the seeker during the game.
  • Ensure the playing area is safe, with no sharp corners or breakables in the way. Soft pillows or cushion areas are perfect for absorbing any stumbles in the dark and can also serve as impromptu spots for more intimate moments during the game.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Ensure that all participants are comfortable with the level of intimacy proposed in the game and have agreed on boundaries ahead of time.
  • Keep beverages nearby to stay hydrated and maybe add a little extra fun with each discoveryβ€”perhaps a sip of wine or beer if you're into that.
  • Stretch the game out by taking slow, deliberate moves during the search. The anticipation can heighten the senses and make the eventual discovery all the more satisfying.

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