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High School Fantasy Crush

Duration: 4 hours
Budget: $150

Experience the thrills and curiosities of high school love once more with a role play scenario that puts a hot, popular, slightly bully kind of girl in the center of attention. She may seem tough and unapproachable, but she harbors a secret crush on a simple, average boy. Immerse yourself in this enticing scenario and let your inner teenager take over.

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  • Take a trip back to high school, where the thrill of teenage love was the most promising thing in the world. Imagine a high school setting, where she's the hot, popular girl with an edgy attitude - wielding power wherever she goes, while he is the average, simple guy, mostly under her radar. Word gets out that she's been harboring feelings for him and things begin to heat up. Their first encounter is unplanned, happening at either a high school re-union party or at a playful house party. With University Blues playing in the background and everyone swaying to the music, she slips a note to him, confessing her crush and inviting him to meet later.
  • The thrill heightens as he makes a choice to either confront her or keep it low. The excitement of unexpected crush seals a bond between them. The scenario evolves between private meetings, stolen glances, flirting, and finally open expressions of affection.
  • As the climax approaches, their roles reverse. It's revealed that he, too, had harbored a crush on her all along, unable to express his feelings due to her social status. In a twist of fate, they finally give in to their feelings, embracing the passion and heat that's been building all along.

Preparation steps:

  • Prepare for this scenario by creating a high-school party environment. Rent a venue or use your own house for re-enacting the high school reunion party. Arrange for high school party decorations and props like balloons, banners, and even a β€˜Prom Queen’ sash for her. Prepare a playlist which consists of the most popular songs from your high school days to create a more authentic atmosphere.
  • Costumes play a crucial role in this scenario. You both should wear clothes that reflect a certain youthful vibe. A 'sexy adult cheerleader outfit' for her might be perfect, while for him, a 'Retro adult high-school teen' look should do the trick. Make sure the outfits are comfortable and easy to move around in.
  • Make sure to create a private space for your later stages of role play, comfortably set up with cushions and ambient lighting, where you can both get intimate. As this role play progresses to intimate stages, make sure to have a 'Nerve Stimulation Gel', 'Luxury Silk Robes' for both of you to enhance sensuality.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Ensure that you both are comfortable with the scenario. Communication is key, therefore, decide on safe words before you begin acting.
  • Take your time to immerse into your high school characters. Whether it's the popular, slightly bossy girl, or the cute lovable boy, make the characters believable for a more impactful experience. Play along with the high school party background, the props, and the music. Remember, it’s all about the emotions that you both stir in each other.
  • As the role play progresses to its intimate stage, make sure to maintain that high school naivety and tenderness. Creative use of a nerve stimulation gel can heighten the sensations and add to the romantic atmosphere.

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