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Hawaii Art Gallery Affair

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: $200

A tantalizing sexual role-play scenario set in an art gallery with a submissive twist

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  • In this scenario, Kona is an experienced and reputed Hawaiian artist showcasing his intriguing pieces at an art exhibition in Honolulu. He's both admired and desired in the art world. Jocelyn, a shy retiree, attends art students’ exhibitions, unable to resist the pull of the art community. This is her first time attending a professional one and she's excited and intimidated.
  • Jocelyn ended up at Kona’s section, her eyes drawn to the sensuality of his paintings. Kona is intrigued by this newcomer and approaches her. He offers her a private tour of his gallery where he seduces her with his charm and the sensual undertones of his collection.
  • The security guard has left, and Kona seizes this opportunity to express his raw desire for Jocelyn, to which she submits willingly. Their warm bodies melt into each other, as they experience amorous emotions, surrounded by beautiful works of art, hidden away from the public eye.

Preparation steps:

  • Kona will need to set the mood. He could choose exotic, sensual art pieces, ambient lighting, and relaxing Hawaiian music. His attire should enhance his alpha male artist persona—a casual, yet sleek outfit should be the best way to go.
  • Jocelyn will have to put on a slightly subdued attire that scream sophistication yet with a subtle hint of sexy. She must remember to embrace her shyness because her character feeds off it.
  • Always have a safe word. It's important to know your partner's comfort levels and boundaries. Make sure there's absolute trust between you before you start.

You may need

Some tips:

  • For an authentic feel, try creating a miniature art gallery at home. Set up a few of your favorite sensual art pieces. Make the place feel as realistic as possible.
  • Remember, seduction is an art in itself. Play into the seduction slowly. Take time in 'studying' the art pieces and let the tension build up gradually.
  • Jocelyn's character is soppy, so the right amount of tenderness and dominance by Kona would serve the plot well. Balance is the key, and communication is the lock. Always ask for consent and respect your partner's space.

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