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Haunted House Adventure

Duration: 5 hours
Budget: $200

A special set-up where you become the girlfriend while your partner plays the protective boyfriend in a haunted house. Experience the thrill of chasing and being chased in a mock-haunted house.

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  • Get ready for a thrilling and sensual adventure in the haunted house. You are the girlfriend while your kind partner is the protective boyfriend. The role-play journey starts from the point a couple of thrill-seekers decide to explore a mysterious haunted house. This playful experience will be full of suspense, startle scares, dark corners, hidden passages and many surprises that will bring you closer as a couple.
  • Imagine being in a carefully set-up, mock haunted house filled with spooky vibes that are scary but still safe. Embrace each other tightly as you wander through the eerie corridors, stumble across crazy holograms, or ghostly characters escaping from hidden secretive passages. It’s no horror story, but the scarier the better. Who knows what can happen when your pulses are racing, adrenaline is flowing and the attraction is at its peak.
  • In the final part of the adventure, seek refuge in a discreet, intimate corner of the haunted house. Underneath a warm blanket, share stories, laugh about the scares and end the adventurous journey with a passionate embrace.

Preparation steps:

  • To prepare for this adventure, first you have to rent a spacious room or cabin that can be decorated and transformed into a tidy yet spooky haunted house. Ensure an array of props, mood lighting, sound effects, artificial smoke, and special costumes to create the spooky effect.
  • Speaking of costumes, a sexy adult Halloween costume would be perfect for you and your partner. Dress up in a way that makes you feel sultry and confident. Stock up on some food and drinks, so you guys can take a break during your adventure to replenish your energy.
  • Prepare spooky music and sound effects to go along with the theme. Install temporary dark curtains, arrange furniture in a spooky way, and create a few hidden spaces to enhance the element of surprise. Remember to set up spaces within the haunted house where you can comfortably get intimate with each other.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Don't forget to create a safe word for if things get too scary or uncomfortable for either of you. Make sure the area is completely safe and all the props placed adequately to avoid any mishap. Last but not least, remember to have fun and enjoy the adventure.
  • A great way to enhance the experience is to incorporate some fun role-play dialogue. You could depict yourself as a damsel in distress who needs to be rescued by your knight in shining armour, or play the brave one while your partner acts scared. This could inject an element of surprise and fun into your adventure.
  • Set the mood by watching some scary movies together before you start exploring the haunted house. This will not only set the theme but also get both of you in the mood for some spookiness. Play along, whisper sweet and naughty things to each other while exploring the house, and use the dark corners for sneaking in some kisses or friendly touches.

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