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Handywoman's Night In

Duration: 2-3 hours
Budget: any

A sexy twist on the handywoman theme where the lady of the relationship comes to the rescue. This adventurous and playful scenario allows the couple to explore their dominant and submissive sides in a fun and erotic setting.

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  • The scenario starts off with the man having an 'issue' that needs fixing in the house. It could be a faulty faucet, a broken table, or a flickering light - anything that requires attention. Then, the lady comes in, dressed in her sexy handywoman outfit ready to 'fix the problem'. As she works on the 'issue', her partner can't help but admire her. The admiration turns to desire and they share a passionate interlude amidst the handywoman's activities.
  • After the problem is 'fixed', the man is so grateful that he decides to show his appreciation. He then leads her to the bedroom where they continue their intimate session as the handywoman finally gets the much-deserved break.
  • As the night wraps up, they spend quality time together, basking in the afterglow and sharing laughs at how inventive their evening has been.

Preparation steps:

  • For the preparation, it's important to decide beforehand what issue needs the attention of our handywoman. This way, the so-called problem could be used as a prop throughout the scenario.
  • Next, the woman needs to dress up in a sexy adult handywoman outfit. This includes a fitted overall and a tool belt for added authenticity. If the budget allows, she might also consider carrying a few safe tools for an extra realistic touch.
  • Lastly, it's crucial to set the right atmosphere. The lighting should be dim but not too dark, with a soft and sensual music playing in the backdrop. You can even add a typical workshop smell to the room using scent candles or oils.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Both partners should fully embrace their roles to make the most of this roleplay scenario. The handywoman should exude confidence and show control, while the man should allow himself to be 'helped' and admire his partner in her role.
  • To keep things exciting, the handywoman can 'accidentally' drop tools or bend over to pick items, making the man lose his focus. This can also be a great way to intensify his desires.
  • Lastly, always ensure that you're utilizing safe props that wouldn't lead to any accidents, as the safety of both partners is paramount.

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