Handyman's Desire

Duration: 2 hours
Budget: Variable

In this handyman-themed roleplay, the essence of the scenario captures the classic fantasy of the capable and alluring handyman being seduced by the homeowner. This roleplay focuses on building a playful, flirtatious, and ultimately passionate encounter between the two characters, using common household scenarios as a spark for their escapade.

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  • Imagine this: the scene starts with the 'homeowner' discovering an urgent repair that needs attention. With a sense of urgency, they call for a handyman, who promptly arrives, tools in hand and ready to work. The homeowner is quite taken with the handyman's prowess and dexterity, finding any excuse to keep them around for a little bit longer.
  • As the handyman bends and stretches to fix the issues, the homeowner's admiration turns into flirty banter. The conversation takes a suggestive turn, with innuendos flying amidst discussions of nuts and bolts. Curious hands may accidentally brush against one another, igniting a spark that dares them both to cross the line from professionalism to pleasure.
  • The flirtation reaches its peak as the homeowner 'inspects' the handyman's work, praising their skill and perhaps suggestively noting that there are a few more tasks that require a personal touch. The air crackles with teasing remarks until the tension spills over into a consensual and steamy resolution of all that pent-up desire.

Preparation steps:

  • The handyman should dress in a believable outfit: think a rugged work shirt, sturdy jeans, a tool belt, and boots. Have a few actual tools on hand to set the scene and make the roleplay more convincing. Include an ID badge to complete the look, giving your handyman a name and a company.
  • The homeowner should wear something that says they're comfortable at home but have also put in a bit of effort for the 'unexpected' visitor. It can range from casual chic to borderline provocative, depending on the desired intensity of the roleplay.
  • Set up a space in your home that requires 'fixing'. It can be as simple as a loose cupboard door or a flickering light bulb. Make sure the area is clear enough to move around in, as this will be your main stage for the encounter.

You may need

Some tips:

  • For added realism and intensity, the homeowner can have a 'list' of tasks that they've been meaning to get to, giving the handyman reason to move around and engage with different scenarios within the home.
  • A little background music can help set a relaxed yet charged atmosphere. Opt for something that's not too distracting but helps both parties get into character.
  • Remember, the key to a great roleplay experience is communication. Be sure to discuss boundaries and safewords before engaging in the scenario to ensure that both of you are comfortable and enjoying the experience.

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