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Halloween School Sweethearts

Duration: 4 hours
Budget: $150

This unique roleplay brings you and your partner back to the flirtatious days as school sweethearts on Halloween celebration. Take on the roles of the two most popular characters of every classic school romance - the cheeky class clown and the charming head cheerleader.

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  • As children start their trick or treat rounds outside in the chilly New Jersey October, you and your partner prepare to relive your own school experience with an adult twist. You're the cheeky class clown that always had a crush on the attractive, spirited cheerleader, who never missed an opportunity to flaunt her eye-catching Halloween costumes every year.
  • Recreate a high school party at your home - dim the lights, and set the perfect 80's music playlist. Begin the night with innocent flirting and reminiscing the good old school days and childhood Halloween memories.
  • As the night progresses, let the dynamic between you two shift into that of young lovers - playful, passionate, and eager to explore. Get intimate amidst the Halloween decor and dimmed light, each touch hidden under the guise of school-themed role play.

Preparation steps:

  • Begin by choosing your costumes. The 'Sexy adult Cheerleader Costume' and the 'Sexy adult Class Clown Costume' would set the perfect tone for the night. Decorate the house with Halloween-themed decorations. Pumpkins, dimmed orange lights, and school-related memorabilia.
  • Create a music playlist featuring an 80's high school party. Choose flirty, fun, and romantic songs to set the mood. Prepare a few Halloween treats and drinks to indulge in between the fun.
  • Lastly, familiarise yourself with the personality and traits of your chosen characters. Build a playful backstory for the night to make the role-play seem more real and engaging.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Keep the mood light and playful, true to the days of hitched school romance. Don't rush through the scenario, the suspense of what comes next is part of the fun. Allow space for improvisation as rigidly sticking to a script can take away the fun
  • Remember to fully respect your partner's boundaries and have a safe word ready. It's essential to keep the experience enjoyable and comfortable for both.
  • Create a polaroid photo album of the night, including the decoration, costumes, and a few romantic snapshots of the party. It can be a cute and naughty keepsake of a memorable Halloween night.

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